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  1. bbigman2000

    Keenos RS6?

    saw it the other day mate cheers, seems its in Aberdeen not far away from me, would be nice with 600bhp, but I would imagine its ready to blow up !
  2. bbigman2000

    god NO

    yeh its a bit over priced, he should probably be asking 33995 for it with that mileage, but something about the car doesnt look right to me !! I think standard rims are much better myself !!
  3. bbigman2000

    god NO

    AGREED, shocking Advert, and frankly with those wheels and that description he has no hope !!
  4. bbigman2000

    god NO

    yeh mate, unreal I cannot believe some folk
  5. bbigman2000

    god NO how to kill an RS6, put some max power rims on it.:sos:
  6. bbigman2000


    agreed guys !!
  7. bbigman2000


    link here No steroids are not SAFE !! But the practises of Greg Valentino are frowned upon in the bodybuilding world, he is a reject !! Oh and heres me deadlifting 250kg for 10 reps !!
  8. bbigman2000


    its on video on you tube aswell mate !
  9. bbigman2000

    Advice from Scotland please

    no no guys, thats not scotland thats the central belt !! Id advise staying at Drumnadrochit, and taking a drive from there to LOCHINVER, quite simply the best roads you will find in scotland. We use to go from Inverness to Lochinver on the motor bikes, the scenery is spectacular.
  10. bbigman2000


    LOL Some of you guys havent got a dam clue LOL Greg Valentino, is a JOKE, he uses SYNTHOL its basically an injectable silicon based substance that swells the muscles up. Its a very dangerous practise and only a complete idiot like him would consider it. Steroids will do nothing like that...
  11. bbigman2000

    What do you do for a living?

    Just a matter of finding the right opening mate, and you will be up and away. Working for somone else isnt the best, try and branch out on your own.
  12. bbigman2000

    What do you do for a living?

    I own a security company, supplying door staff to Nightclubs, we also provide training to other security companies to Security Industry Authority Standards. Currently I have 120 staff.
  13. bbigman2000

    Would you say this is a warranty claim or not.

    yep, ive had bits of my door switches replaced on warranty
  14. bbigman2000

    My Brothers Bday present for his missus!

    heh nice one, I bid 27k on a s4 cab recently thru the trade but didnt get it, cracking car for the summer.
  15. bbigman2000

    before and now

    Oh yes big improvement, like your reg plates aswell
  16. bbigman2000

    Caught speeding!

    That said, last time, I went past the filth with there laser gun at an indicated 120mph on my speedo, when I pulled up they showed me the gun and it said 94pmh, I was over the moon, lol they couldnt understand why I was so chuffed, tits
  17. bbigman2000

    Caught speeding!

    Im on 10 points myself, all for speeding, man it sucks.
  18. bbigman2000

    Check out this ULTRA rare one off RS 4!

    lmfao awesome
  19. bbigman2000

    Check out me website

    Not bad mate, good to see people enjoying there cars.
  20. bbigman2000


    JPO, yeh mate, took me a long time, but finally got there, and what a machine :p hop2407, thats concerning me as I know exactly what you mean and im only 33 !