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  1. Shogun

    Ash187's A5 Sportback

    Ash is it a major ball ache to get the aluminium trim off around the gear area? Can get the door card ones but that one is defeating me
  2. Shogun

    What to look out for when buying a used car?

    Don't like the sound of the window regulator problems :( I assume the problem Carrys over to the sportback? (Still on the hunt for one)
  3. Shogun

    A5 Diesel.. Tell me everything

    Thanks for that mate and yeah what a shame Id love to buy one off a member I'm a bit gutted really because the one I had negotiated on was a nice s-line one done 44k however the service history was all done at Halfords auto centres and ive read Audi won't fix without Audi history
  4. Shogun

    A5 Diesel.. Tell me everything

    hey guys, looking to move over from the B8 forums to here, (Newborn baby is making the saloon difficult and I do NOT wanna leave the Audi club) Had a practise run with the pram and the 5 million accesories needed in an A5 at weekend and it's perfect (the 5 door hatch) HOWEVER Ive got about a 15k...