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  1. kaz219

    whining noise 2.0 tdi

    I managed to blow my second turbo on a BKD engine - this was on a A3 i hired as my car was in the bodyshop lol Memoriess.... Definitly change it before it pops as NHN said below as it saves ALOT of headache and the whine will just get louder then go pop! I just kept on driving mine and the...
  2. kaz219

    Advantages and disadvantages of a DSG box

    I had the DSG on my 2.0 TDI A3 and wasnt a fan of it - sucked the fun out of drivng it in my opnion. I doubt I'll own one again. I use to be going round a bend at high-ish revs and it would automatically shift up a gear sending me flying and i missed my clutch pedal. The DSG Auto side was...
  3. kaz219

    throttle valve faulty

    unless it jams closed - then it may not starts as no airs going in if you mean thte throttle body/imf. this thread may help
  4. kaz219

    New S3 - Emulsion Under Oil Filler Cap

    As below really - my mates S3 does it as he works away and barely uses it. Take it for a good long blast and it should clear.
  5. kaz219

    Problems with A3 2.0 TDI 140 helppppp!!!!

    Hi fella! Been busy fiddling with the new car but spotted N8KOW the other day on the motorway so decided to jump on here to see what you guys have been up to - Hope alls well! The timing wasnt done with the IMF, it was done when the dealer accidentally stabbed the cambelt with a screwdriver...
  6. kaz219

    wanted rs4 cab

    My mate who owns a bodyshop has got an 2007 or 2006 (cant remember at all actually) on a CAT C/D which is being repaired. It's a white cab with all the chromed bits blacked out with the buckets, heated seats, xenons, everthing! He's still fixing it but he will be selling it in a few weeks...
  7. kaz219

    My A3 progress, pic heavy

    Looks the business dude - changed a lot since i seen it on here! Ride heights spot on and looks meeaaaan and aggresive :D Find out where it scrubs as if its the edge of the arches (like mine ue to with fat huffers in it), if you drop down a tyre size in width, it may help!
  8. kaz219

    Car Insurance on the up?

    Mines the same :( ****** gone up a few hundred but hunted and got it at the same price as last year even though i have an extra no claims. But i am young and the Type R isnt the cheapet of cars too insure :(
  9. kaz219

    Problems with A3 2.0 TDI 140 helppppp!!!!

    it will be the DMF or the torsion on the timing may be out if it has been changed...
  10. kaz219

    Brand new S3 stolen

    It's becoming all to common now.... I'm sorry to hear mate. Someone tried breaking into my girlfriends house too and i think it was for the same reason - after her motor. My advise to all owners would be to leave your keys at the top of the stairs - that way if they've come up the stairs...
  11. kaz219

    Help! Passenger's window won't close! VCDS Code. HTH
  12. kaz219

    Help! Passenger's window won't close! VCDS Code.

    try holding the lock button and see if that shuts it ? if it does, then its a switch fault.
  13. kaz219

    Anyone got their old front brake pad with a sensor lying around?

    bodge a paperclip in it and some insulation tape on top :D
  14. kaz219

    Re-sale value after mods

    I bought my mk4 Golf for £6k, spent £6k heavily modding it and sold it for £6600 around 18 months later. Went for the lot, coilies, bodykit, wheels, recaro leathers, exhaust, ICE, Air Filter, even had it remapped even though it was a 1.4 and fitted a 1.6 head for some extra oomphh!! (around 20...
  15. kaz219


    standards are arond 288mm and i done the upgrade in the past and it was definitly worth it. The standard brakes with a remap and me at the wheel didnt feel up to i but the S3 stuff was the business. S3/LCR (Newer one)/3.2 A3/R32 - Same brakes, diff looks.
  16. kaz219

    Brake switch blows turbo A3 tdi

    He has done a crap job then... There have been so many turbos blown (inc my own) its definitly got to be a design fault... Audi didnt do all that good that job with the engines either with their porous heads, crappy Dual Mass flywheels and sticky throttle bodies either. It's accross the...
  17. kaz219

    Wing Mirrors Stolen - How Much?

    They're mine :D I also have 2 motors if you need them and a heated mirror for the pssenger side i think. I dont need them now as I've sold my A3.. Cheers
  18. kaz219

    Stock S3 + wet/damp track = fishtail?

    The Civic Type R aka the breadvan isnt a proper Type R!! You should have p!ssed on that in the dry let alone the wet! Race a real one (anything before the EP3 CTR) :D
  19. kaz219

    Removing anti-damp paint off car

    would some clay not get rid of it ?
  20. kaz219

    Worst experience ever.

    I guess thats wht happened with yours Unfortunalty, thats what happens quite a lot - We've had a ****** aston martin parked on our street and it was picked up by the police a few hours later as it had a tracker. Glad its back as per PM. It wont be recorded on any database or anything -...