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    Remap don't !!!

    Sad to see :( Well I can vouch not all tuners work like this, the mapping that we offer doesnt usually mean removing the ECU If there is anything I can do to help please feel free to ask. Awesome Mike
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    Suggestions for more aggressive front end on 2004 A4 avant?

    Hi Mate, Sorry mate just with the chrome :( Items on the website are already discounted where possible. We did forum discounts but it got a little complicated so we just decided to discount what we can :D Mike
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    My Avant Sport

    Looks very nice!!! Proper motor :D Mike
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    Black wheels on ablack car - what do you think?

    How about these beasts: Awesome - Neuspeed RSe14 Light Weight Wheel 19x8 5x112 Or even as mentioned above: Awesome - VAG Tuning Think when I get my A4 I might go for the Neuspeeds :D Mike
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    my ride!

    Like it man! Got any plans for it?! Mike
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    Suggestions for more aggressive front end on 2004 A4 avant?

    Hi guys another few options here, I do like all of the above though! :D Awesome - VAG Tuning Also I have decided I will be getting an A4 B6 myself 1.8T Quattro myself... looking forward to it :D Mike
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    Brake pad warning indication

    As above :) OR - it could be a broken wire in the system... AwesomeMike
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    Body roll on Quattro Sport

    I am surprised to hear that with Eibach springs - as mentioned above it could be a match issue as the FSD dampers are really meant for use with OEM ride height but you can usually get away with a 20mm drop on them. The S-line springs will be stiffer, but again I am not sure if they will be too...
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    Body roll on Quattro Sport

    How long have the FSD's been fitted? - If the Sport springs have been on for over 70-80K then I would recommend replacement to stiffen it all up again :) Again bushes - if they are all standard then I would recommend replacement at 130K. Check out our website for some option and prices :) OR...
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    Cupra r splitter

    Hi Guys, We sell them and keep plenty in stock :) can ship them out as well - nice and cheap!!! :) Awesome > LCR Front Splitter AwesomeMike