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  1. shariain

    S3 window mechanisms

    Great info guys need to do this job myself. Thanks.
  2. shariain

    Audi S3 8l Washer bottle removal guide

    I have a leak in mine this will come in handy thanks for the great write up.
  3. shariain

    Torque App - Boost Not Being Read

    Have a look through here.
  4. shariain

    Torque App - Boost Not Being Read

    I'm sure someone on here done an install with a tablet. They used the keys that remove the radio and the removal slots, then bent the end tabs that stick out down/up and bonded that to a case for the tablet. Now you have a tablet case with 4 locating pins that fits over the radio and is totally...
  5. shariain

    S3 gear knob with metal sleeve?

    Seemingly I have an A5 one fitted to my S3. It was in the car when I bought it and looked better than the standard S3 one that I could remember.
  6. shariain

    new s3 owner imola yellow

    Looks great.
  7. shariain

    Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis

    A very nice noggy blue S3 on south street heading towards Clydebank at about 13:45 today.
  8. shariain

    How to: N249 Bypass - AMK/BAM Engine

    What is the benefit of removing this.
  9. shariain

    Stripped oil drain sump bolt - repair options?

    Well if you are letting ****** mechanics fix your car find another garage.
  10. shariain

    Stripped oil drain sump bolt - repair options?

    Would it not be easier to source a 2nd hand sump via eBay.
  11. shariain

    Handbrake drifting damage and Forge 007 issue

    Like this Serves him right for being a **** and driving a ford.
  12. shariain

    S3 part number required

    I'm looking for the part number for the trim part of the tail gate where the boot lock is. Thanks
  13. shariain

    rattly cat? look inside.. it might look like this one

    This is the modded cat that I took off my s3.
  14. shariain

    Random problems with my S3!!

    Go to the VCDS part of the forum look for the VCDS user map and ask someone in your area if they could scan your car that way you will have a better idea of your faults before you book it in at any garage for your bending over.
  15. shariain

    8P 3.2 v6 to an 8L S3

    The photos of the bypass cat mod The only problem I can see is one of the studs at the flange is missing and there is a slight dent in one of the cat pipes at the weld. Edit link updated so it works now. ******...
  16. shariain

    8P 3.2 v6 to an 8L S3

    I don't know what the condition of the pipe is basically from what I can see its a standard cat that has been cut open the insides removed and then welded shut again. I will take pics once its removed on friday and if its any good to you then its yours.
  17. shariain

    8P 3.2 v6 to an 8L S3

    That's the car booked in to get the decat taken off and a standard cat put back on. Then it will be running a standard cat with a middle box delete and standard rear box. Hopefully it will make it a lot quieter.
  18. shariain

    Comfort indicators fitted - one touch 3 blinks

    Been missing this since i bought the S3 so guess what I might be doing soon. Thanks for the info.
  19. shariain

    Symphony radio issues

    That's more like it.