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    Powerflex Strut Top Mounts - Golf 4 Leon Mk1 8L A3/S3 Octavia Mk1

    To be fair the ones on the test car were quite old so he will see a nice difference anyway :) End of the day the LCR are still made from rubber so they will still compress and perish, where as the Powerflex version will not :) I have not tested them new LCR vs Powerflex but if it is anything...
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    Powerflex Strut Top Mounts - Golf 4 Leon Mk1 8L A3/S3 Octavia Mk1

    The ones PSI offer are thinner than the OEM bushes which lowers the car more... But is not the correct way to go about it as by doing it that way it can cause excessive movement towards the top of the strut. We have been testing these on one of our staff cars, there is a little more noise...
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    Powerflex Strut Top Mounts - Golf 4 Leon Mk1 8L A3/S3 Octavia Mk1

    Hey guys and girls!! Powerflex now start making performance top mounts! So pre-order yours now and get rid of the poor OEM versions!!!! Give us a call on 0161 776 0777 opt 1 or order online: Powerflex Top Mounts Mk4 Golf Chassis Fitment guide: Audi A3 8L Audi S3 8L Audi TT Mk1 Seat Leon...
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    BMc induction kit

    Not a problem at all :D Well if there is anything else I can help with please just ask :D Awesome Mike
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    BMc induction kit

    Another air intake to look at would be the Neuspeed P-Flow Kit or ITG Intake Kit , this works really well with the Badger 5 Turbo Intake Pipe too :D Send me over a PM I will see if I can sort you a deal on them :D Awesome Mike
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    how much would a garage charge to fit rods?

    Hey Guys, We could supply and fit performance con rods, all required gaskets, shells, bolts, fluids, cambelt etc for £1250.00 inc VAT That is based on a drive in and drive out :) We are in Manchester too - Hope this helps! Awesome Mike
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    HI ALL!! New to audi! what can i do to my S3??

    Welcome and there are many, many, MANY things that you can do to the car and I would be more than happy to offer some package deals for you :) If you like send me over a PM with your aim of the car, what you plan on using the car for and roughly how much you are aiming to spend and I will give...
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    clutch problem ????

    Send you over a quick PM :) Awesome Mike
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    Recomended parts from Euro car Parts

    Hey Guys, If it helps... In most cases even with Euro doing the discount I still can offer better prices! :) If you want me to double check just fire me over a PM and with what you need and how much EURO are offering it for and I will see what I can do :D Awesome Mike
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    clutch problem ????

    Not sure if it would be much help, but if you are in the Manchester area, we would be more than happy to have a look at the car and find the fault! As above there are a couple of common things that they do!! Either way, hope you get it sorted and if there are any parts you need give me a holla...
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    Brakes? A3tqs

    I agree with the above, get some Audi TT or Audi S3 front caliper carriers. With the we could supply you with some performance discs and pads but again I agree with the above good stock discs and performance pads. Stock discs are around £45.00 and some really good Tarox Strada pads £100.80...
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    Help with a few decisions

    Hello, Another great air intake is the Neuspeed P-Flow kit, we always have some great reviews! What year A3 is it? Look forward to hearing from you soon! Awesome Mike
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    No more Revo

    No we are not! I will have to ask for that to be changed! We have moved back to the APR Software :D Mike
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    No more Revo

    If you fancy a drive to the UK... Mainly Manchester we could always get an APR remap on the car! :D Sorry :D APR I believe are trying to sort out dealers in Scotland and Ireland! All being well there will be some quality APR remapping over there soon! :D Awesome Mike
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    Hi Guys - Moved from an 8P TDI to a 8L S3

    Nice car!! :D I do love the Mk1 S3! A remap is a must!! Even more so as we have 25% discount on the APR software too!!! So it brings the price down from £418.80 inc VAT to £314.10 inc VAT! If you have cruise control you will benefit from being able to switch remaps and take use of the valet...
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    Cheap things to do to my car

    If there is anything we can help with just give us a shout we offer many, many items for your car :D Really from where you are at the moment engine tuning wise a nice exhaust will set you straight! :D However it really depends on what the aims are with the car? If you let me know what you use...
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    Census 2011! How are your *standard* rods?

    This is what I have seen in my time at a Dealership and tuners: 1.8 20VT 225 engine: Standard BHP on a 225 - Bent Rod Mapped BHP on a 225 - Bent/snapped Rod Big Turbo BHP on a 225 - Bent/snapped Rod In short, you could just be really unlucky and have a 'weak' rod from factory... But in...
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    best company to get remaped

    Hello!!!! If you are not far away could look at doing a REVO remap on there for you :D We are in Manchester, postcode M44 5AH AwesomeMike
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    APR/Revo @ Awesome GTI

    Hello all! :) Right, to clear a few things up: We have advertised the switch over the best we can, as many have said on all the forums we are on, in the mags on Facebook, on our website mentioned it to people that called and emailed! Due to the amount of customers that we had on the APR...
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    KW Shocks + Springs kit.

    Hi mate, not on an S3 but I used to have a KW Spring and Damper kit on my Mk3 Polo, was a brilliant kit, a little hard but fantastic kit to throw around the twisties :D Aslo if it helps we can get them here too :) AwesomeMike