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  1. nick1973

    01044 abs control problem

    geting this code up 01044 says the controll is not programed correctly also the speepo is going strange same thing or two knacked thengs i have just fitted a rns-e into my 8l a3 if that helps
  2. nick1973

    help please

    got car running but now have these faults have changed passenger, driver airbags driver , passenger belt tensoners and drivers side rear tensioner any ideas air con not piped up yet not bothered about speaker VAG-COM Version: Release 311.2-N Chassis Type: 8L - Audi A3/S3 Scan...
  3. nick1973

    crash shutdown acitvated

    car is now in the paint shop so will post once its back think i cleared the dtc :faint: so how can i retreiev the data?
  4. nick1973

    crash shutdown acitvated

    I have bought an accident damaged a3 tdi sport 2003 the vag com says that crash shtdown has been activated and th car will not start is ther some kind on imobliser or will it be a differnt issue?