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    For Sale S3 Reg S300GBS

    S300 GBS on retention for sale. Best offer over £500
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    Lost 'My Audi' Linked Features - Is It Me or Audi?

    But, like others are reporting, even using the Mcaddy route, the MMI states 'the data is outdated or not compatible' when trying the USB (SD cards greyed out). Can push a single POI using phone app but am talking about the POI camera database with a few thousand entries.
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    Lost 'My Audi' Linked Features - Is It Me or Audi?

    Yeah used to do that with the S3. I did try that once but came to the conclusion that the S5 can't import from SD card as the options were greyed out on the menu. After all you can push the POIs to the car can't you ,not? Anyone with an S5 tell me I'm wrong please do. Thanks for taking the...
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    Lost 'My Audi' Linked Features - Is It Me or Audi?

    From April 2017 up until Aug/Sept this year I was able to do useful functions on my PC/laptop such as send destinations to the S5 from Google Maps, Download PocketGPSWorld speed camera databases and send them to the car from My Audi. Suddenly this stopped and My Audi (on PC) tells me all my data...
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    Accessing Audi connect website

    I got exactly the same reply weeks ago from Audi UK after I raised the issue that all functionality for sending POI, send from phone, etc had been lost. Particularly annoying and badly timed as I'd just deleted my speed camera data from the car because it didn't seem to be replacing old with new...
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    Myaudi app / mmi app says my windows are open

    Working on it slowly, if at all. In what other industry would you get away with putting a deeply flawed piece of software out in the market. Imagine if Apple/Google updated their operating system and omitted to include provision for your favourite social media app. Good connectivity is about...
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    S5 sportback gearbox issues, really had it

    Been annoyed by the laggy gearbox since day 1 It took me 2 months to get local dealership to collect my S5 to update the gearbox software. I wrote to the service manager ahead of time and explained the problem and my wish for them to investigate and know about the software upgrade before the car...
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    Anyone else having PocketGPSWorld POI & MMI display problems?

    Thanks for setting that out. I may have to fall back on it, but its long-winded compared to' copying a few files to MyAudi on the PC and having them upload to the car automatically. TBH I don't think there's an MMI option on the S5 to manually import, but will check. My original Q's about...
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    Anyone else having PocketGPSWorld POI & MMI display problems?

    No, I just downloaded files to PC and used the tool on My Audi to update and download to the car. I'll try making the icon files smaller. Also have deleted all special destinations, using the option on the MMI, and checked all speed cameras have indeed been deleted. Now I've come to...
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    Anyone else having PocketGPSWorld POI & MMI display problems?

    Before setting off to France this week I downloaded the up-to-date PocketGPSWorld POI databases for speed cameras UK & Europe and was told my MyAudi/Your Audi/Whatever they had downloaded OK to the car. I was careful to check every step of the process as I had the problems I am about to...
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    Underwhelmed S5 Test Drive - Engine or Gearbox?

    Its such a ba**sache getting anything done by the dealer - long wait for a slot and then they undoubtedly will not do the update while I wait. I've enquired whether the mobile tech can do the gearbox software upgrade, and the door glass upgrade at the same time. He was 1st class when a coil pack...
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    Flood water damage to my S5...

    Hopefully you're just panicing about nothing, Joe. Horror stories about write-offs from engine damage in floods relate more to diesels, because of the high compression ratio. Given the details you've supplied I would suspect there's a soaked sensor below the engine - on the S3 when I fitted...
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    Underwhelmed S5 Test Drive - Engine or Gearbox?

    I've had my S5 for nearly a year and was thinking I will struggle to know what to change it for when the lease is up in a year's time. However, I've just come back to it having been out of the country for 3 weeks driving another car. The laggy gearbox is now irritating the hell out of me - half...
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    Drivers window does not drop when the door is opened from the inside

    +1 for the creaky wheel. Brought on, I think by the cold weather. Sounds like a tea clipper under full sail. I know if I take the car in to Audi the creak will be silent, and the door glass will drop perfectly, so I'll put up.
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    Traffic sign recognition Coded

    Can this be done with VCDS yet? I'm aching to do the mod but no-one has produced an idiot's guide - hoping to be proved wrong. What is parameterization / Flash file / Index A, etc all about? Don't want to brick a £45k leased car!
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    MY2018 S5 Sportback multifunction steering wheel button issue

    +1 Just don't keep right foot planted too long or you get that rather disconcerting characteristic where the car keeps accelerating hard for half a second or so after you've taken your foot off the accelerator. The gearbox mapping was clearly done by an imbecile.
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    2017 A5 Soundsystem?

    I had an S3 with B&O fitted but refused to pay out for the upgrade on my leased S5. Absolutely no regrets, its at least as good. In any case its a car, not a concert hall, with all the attendant extrenuous noise.
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    Google Earth map excessive loading

    It was my Audi Relationship Manager - don't ask! Anyway, system has been trouble free for past few days so no need to reset.
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    Google Earth map excessive loading

    I got the following answer from Audi yesterday:- Please find below the steps that we advise following in order to resolve this. 1. If an additional SIM card is inserted, remove it 2. Switch off the data module (Audi Connect menu, then right sub-menu, then data security, activate data security...
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    Google Earth map excessive loading

    Yes I've updated the maps but things worked OK for a few days after.