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  1. pedro61163

    Q5 Q5 fault code p2453

    Looking for advice- friends engine management light came on in his Q5 45 TFSI, scanned with VCDS and its reading fault code P2453 Chassis Type: FY-AU49 (8W5) Scan: 01 02 03 08 09 15 16 17 19 22 29 2B 39 42 44 46 52 5F 6D 80 81 A5 BB BC D6 D7 VIN: WAUZZZFY5K2055935 Mileage...
  2. pedro61163

    Audi s3 exhaust on Audi A3 1.4

    I have Remus fitted on mine
  3. pedro61163

    Audi s3 exhaust on Audi A3 1.4

    S3 exhaust will only fit Quattro shell
  4. pedro61163

    For Sale Brand new OEM Audi Beam sets

    I’ll take the Audi ring ones you had on eBay cheers
  5. pedro61163

    For Sale S3 8V OEM PARTS

    I'll take rear diffuser can you post cheers
  6. pedro61163

    Is this normal for a diesel?

    Definitely not normal
  7. pedro61163

    Rotating Grinding Noise Coming from Front End

    Brake disc dust plates common problem
  8. pedro61163

    Damaged car

    Ok thanks. Car was mint condition for 8years old, 63000 miles, full leather heated interior, pano roof, MIB1 High,comfort pack and full Audi servicehistory.
  9. pedro61163

    Damaged car

    Ok thanks. Car was mint condition for 8 years old, 63000 miles, full leather heated interior, pano roof, MIB1 High, comfort pack and full Audi service history.
  10. pedro61163

    Damaged car

    Still waiting on verdict from my insurance but garage said damage to subframe , gearbox and fuel tank , not looking good for getting repaired. If it is written off , hopefully get good price
  11. pedro61163

    Damaged car

    Hi thanks no prop as only fwd tried phoning more than insurance claim department shut today have to phone tomorrow
  12. pedro61163

    Damaged car

    Going to work yesterday morning and I hit an object in the middle of the road which caused the car to lift into the air. I looked in rear view mirror and saw part of car on road so got out to find rear bumper broken and diffuser lying on road. There was a concrete kerbstone which had obviously...
  13. pedro61163

    A3 quad exhaust conversion

    Here are more pics , still have car it's 8 years old
  14. pedro61163

    Alarm siren

    anyone know where alarm siren is located on car thanks
  15. pedro61163

    Facelift Something (or someone) has attacked my S3

    I had same problem two years ago got replacement from Tps cost £99 took 10 minutes to swap over
  16. pedro61163

    Brakes juddering at high speed

    I had same problem replaced driver rear caliper then 2 months later rear passenger caliper then I put on discs and pads. After I knew callers were okay
  17. pedro61163

    Super weird noise, can anyone help? (VIDEO)

    Definitely dust back plates replaced my ones last year £18 each Tps
  18. pedro61163

    Haldex problem

    No warranty car is 5 years old
  19. pedro61163

    Haldex problem

    Wife's Car was in at Audi today. They did health check and said haldex pump had spike so need to replace pump at £620 . I'm wondering if filter just needs cleaned and fresh oil. Car has only done 19000 miles.