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  1. johnny161171

    Wanted Boot cover

    Hi James I have a boot cover for A4 B8 live cut 2 holes that you can see in the picture this was for the lashing point Regards Johnny
  2. johnny161171

    Help Please A4 B8 Aircon Pressure Switch Replacement

    You could take it down to Halfords get them to check if there’s any gas in the system by just putting a gauge on. Its a free check. My local Audi dealer used to re gas twice so they drain the system re gas drain and re gas again. Bare in mind gas can lose its effectiveness over time so did the...
  3. johnny161171

    Help Please A4 B8 Aircon Pressure Switch Replacement

    So out of curiosity when you press the ac button in the car does the switch stay illuminated or does it switch off straight away
  4. johnny161171

    Hi did you get your tailgate problem sorted as I’ve come across your thread and my car has just...

    Hi did you get your tailgate problem sorted as I’ve come across your thread and my car has just started doing the same thing any pointers towards how you rectified the problem Thanks in advance Johnny
  5. johnny161171

    Rear leds New b8 3.0 tdi owner in need of advice

    Hunch and only a hunch is you need a new air quality sensor or you could try cleaning it with brake cleaner as both faults happened same time replacing air sensor should cancel both faults. All the best
  6. johnny161171

    Rear leds New b8 3.0 tdi owner in need of advice

    Hi try this but make a note of what the values are in 181 and 191 in case you need to change back because it didn't work but I'am sure this will work for you. Module 46 Central Convenience > Security Access 16 > 16017 Could you try to set Channel 181 to 0 and see if anything will change - if not...
  7. johnny161171

    How to remove this badge...

    Steering wheel needs to come off and then all of that area is held together by clips internally
  8. johnny161171

    Auto switch to reverse camera

    With VCDS go to Controller 09 Central Electrics, then Long Coding, Long Coding Helper. Select Byte 35 and tick bit 4. If bit 4 is not available as it was on mine, select "LCode2" on the top menu which should allow you to select Bit 4. This will change the HEX value to 34. Once Coded you need to...
  9. johnny161171

    Rear view camera - Some help needed!

    Your fault says video input short to ground so surely this would be between camera and module.
  10. johnny161171

    Rear view camera - Some help needed!

    My money would be on the cable that go's from the camera into the grey plug on the module having a break in it probably you snagged it when putting one of your trims back in place sometimes the c/clips go through these cables which would suggest why you are getting short to ground if you search...
  11. johnny161171

    Folding Mirror Controller Issue

    My controllers ending j aren't folding capable, in my experience it doesn't make a difference what letter the controller ends in what you need to look for is the squares top right hand corner of the controllers need to be completely shaded white, some are half shaded some are not shaded at all...
  12. johnny161171

    Folding Mirror Controller Issue

    Why are you changing controllers if everything works ok with the originals
  13. johnny161171

    REQUEST - B8.5 Folding Mirror Door Controller

    8k0959793-8k0959792 but there are so many door controllers with different and limited capability's meaning some will have the capability to fold mirrors and others won't some will have the capability to accept puddle lights and some will do the whole lot it's a mind field.
  14. johnny161171

    A4 Fuses ?

    You need to use the multi metre to check for which side of the fuse is dead when the key is out
  15. johnny161171

    Servicing and Cam Belt change - Essex

    My local Audi quoted me £549 for cam belt and water pump but also you get free mots for life with that lol don't think this type of servicing falls into the £299 category
  16. johnny161171

    iv got screw stuck in my armrest 12v point

    Disconnect battery then grab some tweezers
  17. johnny161171

    'service due' on dash

    You might aswell bike it everywhere ! Like that one
  18. johnny161171

    'service due' on dash

    It will probably be inspection service due which won't reset just by doing basic reset you would have to reset the values in 4 different channels, I would wait until your 9000 is up and then reset oil and inspection
  19. johnny161171

    Parking sensors "again"

    If you take the bumper off there should be exact marks on the inside of the bumper where you will cut the holes you will need to remove your bumper to route the wiring else you will have a torrid time.
  20. johnny161171

    A4 Avant servicing

    Quantum oil is Castrol under the Audi Quantum label and all genuine Audi parts carry a 12 month warranty so if fitted by any qualified mechanic and fitted in the correct way Audi would honour warranty work if these parts were deemed the reason of any failure. Most Audi specialist techs the...