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  1. R44MS K

    RS Grille on s5

    In the process of ordering my RS style grille for my B9 , can fit this once I do mine to see how tricky it is , I’m based in East London / Essex Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. R44MS K

    Rams S5 SportBack build

    Back in an Audi after a few years with a Golf R Stage 2- my previous Audis include a B7 2.0tdi, 3.0tdi, B8.5 3.0tdi (245bhp) and then a B8.5 S5 I picked up this well specced up S5 in January from West London Audi Spec includes: Manhattan Grey paint Light and Vision Pack (Matrix headlights)...
  3. R44MS K

    B7 Auto Alu Pedal options

    I own a B7 3.0 Auto and need some alu pedals I tried the B7 RS4 pedals and apart from the accelerator pedal , the dead pedal does not fit (which i was told should!!) does anyone know of an OEM solution? I think the S6 brake pedal fits but i need a dead pedal which fits the auto interior...
  4. R44MS K

    S4 rear calipers & discs required, any recommeded point of purchase.

    Hi. Did you ever get this sorted ? I may have a brand new set pads / discs and overhauled calipers for sale ...
  5. R44MS K

    Xenon Headlight Problem

    £50 Posted sir!
  6. R44MS K

    A5 pedal options

    I fitted some RS5 brake / acc pedals over the weekend along with the RS6 dead pedal which requires slight modding in order to fit not got a close up pic (will get one) but it does finish the interior off!
  7. R44MS K

    Weekend Treat... The A5

    took some pics over the weekend here are some highlights those with sharp eyes will notice the RS5 pedal set (i will take some close up pics this week)
  8. R44MS K

    Xenon Headlight Problem

    I have a pair of new ballasts and bulbs for sale...
  9. R44MS K

    My Daily Workhorse B7 Oil Burner

    No updates just been enjoying the weather!
  10. R44MS K

    My Daily Workhorse B7 Oil Burner

    Cluster was from a salvage car which i adapted to my car and matched mileages
  11. R44MS K

    Weekend Treat... The A5

    already done mate, I took that pic of the day it went to Audi for the cluster swap, also disabled the window dropping on the door lock too
  12. R44MS K

    Weekend Treat... The A5

    Updates: the time came for the interim service (oil and oil filter change) I wanted to keep the FASH on the car for the new owner (I am looking to upgrade at the end of the year) Being in the trade, I already had the OEM oil and filter - essentially i just needed the dealership stamp!! I...
  13. R44MS K

    My Daily Workhorse B7 Oil Burner

    Cheers :)
  14. R44MS K

    My Daily Workhorse B7 Oil Burner

    A few updates: Half leather door cards fitted which match the half leather buckets (will need to retrim the rear bench) - the door cards have the light pack so i now have puddle nights OEM eletric folding mirrors fitted OEM Rotors are finally on the car - they sit well and I am very pleased...
  15. R44MS K

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Upgraded my red dot cluster to the later more rarer colour DIS :blackrs4:
  16. R44MS K

    A5 Folding Mirrors / Door Modules

    I have attempted to retrofit folding mirrors on my late 2012 audi a5 coupe (facelift) i have fitted the following parts for the folding mirrors 8T2 857 409 AH 3FZ -left mirror 8T2 857 410 AH 3FZ -right mirror 8K0 959 565 C WEP -door trim 8K0 959 565 B -mirror switch 8T0 919 173 A -light ring...
  17. R44MS K

    My Daily Workhorse B7 Oil Burner

    Finally got my genuine Rotors on. ET43 front and ET33 rear with 225 35 19s
  18. R44MS K

    Any Black Edition+ owners with Black cars?

    Morning all sorry to confirm this was the badge i was referring to (the bottom BE+ quattro one) not sure how it would sit on my car!
  19. R44MS K

    Advice/personal experience on a5 3.0tdi

    Jason, i picked my A5 up a few months ago, i went for the black edition with the s tronic gearbox and i have stage 1 mapped her. as above it sure is a heavy car which you will notice in the bends but its far from slow!! running costs are decent, i get 38-46mpg on a long run but in town i get...