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    A4 2.0TDI 140 Loads Of White Smoke

    Hi all, the A4 has started to smoke like its got 200 bensons on the go at once. Does not seem to loose any power and is fine driving but when it pulls up at lights etc its smoking like crazy, white blue smoke not dirty black and smells a a bit oily. Strange thing is it doesnt do it all the time...
  2. J

    A4 Brake Warning Light

    mine had this fault when we bought it - the garage replaced it with one from another A4 they had in but it was still happeing so they had to take it into Audi and have a brand new unit fitted - touch wood its been fault free since.
  3. J

    Cambelt change

    Hi all, just checking my service booklet and the service guy has written on the service booklet that the cambelt needs changing next service !!! surely not its a late 2007 with 36K on the clock
  4. J

    Wet Dog

    Ive gone for the Autoglym Fabric hood matce kit, how long will these last before needing reapplication ?
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    New Owner with Questions

    there this on amazon which is no drill - dont know if its any good Parking Dynamics "No Holes" PD1 Rear Vision Electromagnetic Parking Sensor: Car & Motorbike
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    Rear arm rest ?

    hi, it appears that my rear arm rest ,opening thingy has been forced closed and I cant get it open/down - can somebody explain what I should be looking for or put up a few pics ps its on a B7 Cab
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    Wet Dog

    just finished the car and its roof doesnt repel water at all just soaks it in so me thinks I'll need to waterproof it
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    Wet Dog

    Hi all, got in our new (to us) A4 cab and there is a slight smell of what I can only describe as "wet dog", do you reckon its the cab hood ? had a good sniff and a few odd looks from the neighbours but doesnt appear to smell checked around inside no wet patches but there is a an ever so slight...