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    Spotted this afternoon in Southend

    Isn't it an Aygo ? And more importantly, I feel strangely hungry looking at that picture..:-) i have to be honest, I never really liked the RS3 in white, but it is starting to grow on me.
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    Apparently the new 8V RS3 is scheduled to arrive in 2014; much earlier than previous RS models which usually appear at the end of a products lifecycle. There is talk of a saloon version as well, although not a manual unfortunately !!
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    Genuine RS3 19" Rotor Alloys

    I would go with non OEM's ( and indeed have done ), but if you want RS3 Rotor's, then look on Ebay Germany as they often have sets and they are cheaper than in the UK for some forces perhaps ?
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    Brilliant RS3 video with Michelle Mouton

    Great video/commercial here for the RS3 that I ran across today...... Enjoy !! Audi RS3: Fast Driving in Monte-Carlo with Michèle Mouton - YouTube
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    Just 6mths and 5k miles ...and i've sold it back to the dealer....

    Until it snows..:icon_thumright: Sad that you've had a negative experience, but Friday cars do happen.....just a shame your dealer's customer service was below par. Enjoy the Beemer!
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    RS3 seats and seat height

    I think the problem is that I came from a B8 S4 with super sport seats, and they were sublime....really comfy, lovely seating position and held you securely as well as looking fantastic. i guess I need to find an RS3 with the buckets and try it. Thanks for all the responses guys....I really...
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    RS3 seats and seat height

    That's interesting about the lumbar support, thanks....How about the actual seat height.....are the S3 seats and the RS3 the same....I'm afraid they will be as presumably the seat rails are the just feels like you sit 'on' the seats rather than 'in' them, and that spoils the driving...
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    RS3 seats and seat height

    Currently own a 2010 S3 SB with OE seats, but would love an RS3, however the seats in my S3 are awful, which could be a bit of a the RS3 standard seats or the buckets any more comfortable, and almost more importantly are they any lower than the OE S3 seats, as to...
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    My new Daytona grey rs3

    Daytona or Mica blue, both with the Alu pack really are the best colours in my view......lovely car !!
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    Tips and Tricks

    You can turn the SatNav lady ( not sure she sounds thick on mine...she actually sounds quite saucy to me )...anyway, where was I.....oh yes, you can either set her instruction volume in the SetUp menu, or just wait until she is speaking and then adjust the volume switch on the RNSE as usual, but...
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    Its here

    As others have said, what a beautiful colour.....gorgeous, and pretty rare as well !!
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    RS3 Official Tyre Pressures

    That's perfect....many thanks for taking the time to do this ..:sm4:
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    RS3 Official Tyre Pressures

    Hi, Please could someone either take a picture of the sticker inside the door showing the Audi recommended tyre pressures and post it on here, or alternatively just post the tyre pressures ? I am running RS3 alloys on my S3 Sportback and am getting conflicting information about the...
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    Audi LED number plate lights now available

    As well as the errors issue, are these also a straight swap for all A3's do you know ?
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    RS3 Discussion Thread

    Followed Rabbit's S4 on here when I had the same car, and that was superb......the RS3 is just as good and i can't wait to see what you do with this Rabbit....the wheels look fantastic with that colour, but knowing you that is only the start :-)