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  1. andy l

    Should I buy a TTS

    Hi ordered nearly two weeks ago got the 5k deposit contribution comfort pack, red callipers, privacy glass and metallic paint for free and I've worked it out nearly 22k for my year old S1. At the end of the finance with everything included I'm paying £38k. That included the final settlement plus...
  2. andy l

    Tts alloys

    I'm just about to order a new tts but the only thing I can't decide on is the alloys. I quite like the 19" standard alloys but I am tempted by the 20" alloys. Has anyone got the 20s on their tt could offer any thoughts or opinion. Thanks
  3. andy l

    Should I buy a TTS

    Hi Tts owners I currently have a S1 had put a deposit on the new Focus Rs but don't think I can actually bring myself to leave Audi. Thinking about getting a brand new Tts firstly is it any good and any thoughts on the 20" alloys.