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    COD on Premium Unleaded (97RON+)?

    AutoExpress did a test a couple of years ago comparing different grades of a search on their web site, but I have read several impartial articles which claim the more expensive fuels do indeed have mpg, performance and cleaning advantages.
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    New RS3 to be released next year

    Due to be released 12 months after the new S3, so March/April 2014 according to multiple sources, including Audi management.
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    2013 Audi S3

    Couldn't agree more. I have a TTSR manual and the gearbox is superb, and my S3 SB is manual as well....I believe changing gear is a skill to be enjoyed, but that is lost on the PlayStation generation. who just want perfect gearchanges every time done by a computer. That's progress I suppose...
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    2014 Audi S3 Sedan: This Is It

    Only thing I don't like is the huge wheel/wheelarch gap on the car in the video......drop it another 20mm and it would look and sit sooooooo much better .
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    2013 Audi S3

    S3 Saloon just launched as well...(see !!
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    2014 Audi S3 Sedan: This Is It

    Looks perfect to me.....there is a video on as well. Glad they are doing the lets hope they do the RS3 as well..!!
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    A3 Saloon launched March 27th ?

    Now on as well....launch on27th to coincide with the New York Motor Show because as you correctly state, the U.S won't be getting the Sportback, but the Saloon/Sedan is also coming to the UK in September this year.
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    A3 Saloon launched March 27th ?

    According to Audi, it will also be coming to the UK. It's actually a YouTube clip ( search under Audi A3 sedan sneak Preview ), and the guy sitting in the back is English, not a Yank so hopefully that bodes well.
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    A3 Saloon launched March 27th ?

    Just seen a link on Facebook to a video from Audi with a sneak preview of a new car they are launching next week which is under cover but is definately the A3 saloon. Cant post the link on here ( or rather I dont know how to ), but it is on the Facebook 'RS3 2014' page !!
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    A3 Saloon.

    Saloon was always on the cards, after the reaction the saloon design study got at last years motor shows. You're right in saying that it was originally aimed at U.S and Chinese markets, but apparently it is due to come to the U.K as well.
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    Wet Luggage Compartment

    On a similar note, have they stopped the water from the roof coming straight into the side window and onto the electric window switches if you open the window after it has been raining, or alternatively onto the seat if you open the door because that really is a stupid piece of design on the 8P ?
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    New S3 2013

    Couldn't agree more.....hatchbacks are practical, but with a big hole at the back you get more noise and more chassis flex than a saloon with the natural bracing at the bottom of the rear screen. When I had my S4 saloon, everyone told me I should have got the Avant as it would be more popular at...
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    New S3 2013

    Like I said, the saloon is the just looks fantastic....really balanced which the 3 and 5 door really aren't to my eyes. I just pray to God that they bring it to the UK and it has a manual gearbox, because that would be the ideal car for me....beautiful !!!
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    official new s3

    Is it just me, or do thise quilted seats look a bit TOWIE ??
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    New S3 2013

    It certainly reads very well and a weight saving of 60 bags of sugar can't be anything but good for performance, handling and economy....glad they are sticking with a manual gearbox ( for those of us who don't want to loose that skill ! ), but the styling is very bland.......I just hope they...
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    The new A3

    There's quite a few pics and videos that have been posted in the A3/S3 8P forum as this new forum has only recently been set up. Also, quite a bit in Auto Express recently...... New Audi A3: Full story | News | Auto Express