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  1. Mr.Blonde

    Wheel Alignment...Essex?

    Do AMD to tracking then?
  2. Mr.Blonde

    Wheel Alignment...Essex?

    Im in the Harlow Area mate,so that place is ideal dude.have you used them?.
  3. Mr.Blonde

    Wheel Alignment...Essex?

    Cool beans,ill go see them once i have fitted my new coilovers as my old ones are ******!..(so if any wants the rear springs and adjusters give me a pm)
  4. Mr.Blonde

    Wheel Alignment...Essex?

    Yeah i did look these up,they any good?.
  5. Mr.Blonde

    Wheel Alignment...Essex?

  6. Mr.Blonde

    Wheel Alignment...Essex?

    I need to get the front wheels tracked on my Audi A3.wheres good to go in Essex?.
  7. Mr.Blonde

    Vag handheld readers

    Hi,ive got a Audi A3 1.8T and would like to get a handheld vag reader.anyone got one of these?.what should i be looking at etc please?.i dont have a laptop to use the proper kit.cheers
  8. Mr.Blonde

    20v 1.8T Mod Tests???

    Hi,I was just thinking is there a guide or test write up on performance mods for the 1.8T 20v.i.e like does a performance exhaust have any gains and same for things like air filters,de-cat pipes,fmic etc??..
  9. Mr.Blonde

    New Rubber!...

    Hey ive just bought a pair of Falken ZE912's for the front of my A3.anyone else got these?..opinons please.:)
  10. Mr.Blonde

    Audi Specialist in Essex?

    Hi,Im after a Audi/Vag Specialist in essex.i know theres AMD but what other ones are about please?.thanks