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  1. mattyn

    Electronic Parking Brake Again

    Reposted into the correct forum..... I have endured an intermittant Electronic Parking Brake for the past few months, which really became serious last night, when it would not release at all, with the associated warning on the dash. So investigation this morning, with wheel off, lots of WD40 on...
  2. mattyn

    C6 3.0 TDi Quattro Parking Brake

    What I forgot to mention was there is no warning message on the dash. Also, the parking brake switch light illuminates when the switch is pulled up, but when returned back to its normal position, with the actual EPB on, it is not illuminated. Strange!
  3. mattyn

    C6 3.0 TDi Quattro Parking Brake

    All Had an issue with the EPB not releasing a while ago, and have been living without it by leaving in Park, and had no further problems. Until today, that is. PArked up at home this evening, left in Park, ignition off, out came the key, and a strange noise from the rear wheels. It sounds...
  4. mattyn

    A6 3.0TDi Auto Electronic Parking Brake

    Hi All My 2005 C6 Auto has developed a intermittant fault where as I release the parking brake, the warning comes on the dash, and beeps like crazy. Initially, it would go if I turned off engine, and locked the car, and restarted the whole process. However the last couple days, it is happening...