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  1. shariain

    3.2 V6 Hesitation at 1800-1900RPM with only Partial Throttle.

    Have a look for the software update on here. I'm on my phone so I can't get you the link.
  2. shariain

    Speeding ticket advice

    I have been offered a drivers awareness course for my little infraction of the limit. This is down to the offence being committed south of the wall. so win win I think no points and no fine just need to pay for the course and take a days holiday from work/phone in sick and the only down side I...
  3. shariain

    Speeding ticket advice

    Doesn't make any difference even with the pictures as you still can distinguish who was driving the car. They also sent me a 3rd picture in which they have enhanced to remove the flash glare so the reg plate can be read clearer.
  4. shariain

    Speeding ticket advice

    I have just received a NIP from Cumbria police force for doing 49 in a 40 on the A65. I got caught at 4:45am. This was an unrecorded letter that was sitting behind my door after work 2 days after the offence. I did it and now I have to fill in my wife's details. Lol I'm joking. I...
  5. shariain

    Alarm problem

    That's it in the box. The box is riveted on to the inner wing. I just bent and manipulated it using the rivet as a pivot point then removed the alarm box which is plug and play then just reversed my process as I didn't have a rivet gun to hand to replace it if I took it out.
  6. shariain

    Alarm problem

    Part No: 1K0 951 605 A Component: LIN BACKUP HORN H01 1201 Part No: 1K0 907 719 Component: Neigungssensor 002 0002 Part No: 8P0 951 177 Component: Innenraumueberw.H03 0010 4 Faults Found: 01135 - Interior Monitoring Sensors 004 - No Signal/Communication - Intermittent 01134 - Alarm Horn...
  7. shariain

    My DIY for today

    A4audi in Clydebank have 4 wheel alinement I think.
  8. shariain


    What about us 8L S3's
  9. shariain

    Black pressed number plates

    You can get cheaper ones that was just the first ones I seen.
  10. shariain

    Black pressed number plates

    You could always buy number plate surrounds from eBay then its a simply remove plate and replace with show plate.
  11. shariain

    Ive had my pants pulled down and been conned what should i do

    Contact your bank and tell them you have returned the product as it was faulty and you want to do a charge back to recover your full payment as the seller is failing to refund you. Don't go in to the details about the partial refund that has been offered just say the seller is failing to...
  12. shariain

    Stereo doesn't turn off when the key is removed.

    Mine is an 8L and it was in the car when I bought it so hope it would be the right one. Main thing is the car still turns with it. Lol
  13. shariain

    Stereo doesn't turn off when the key is removed.

    All the lights on my car light up apart from the radio and my other issue is my mfsw buttons don't work the radio either.
  14. shariain

    Stereo doesn't turn off when the key is removed.

    I have the same problem with mine in my 8L S3 what I also noticed is when I turn my head lights on my radio doesn't light up.
  15. shariain

    are these bbs alloys on my A3 ???

    The wheels you have are bbs ch. you might be better selling your wheels and just buying the s3 wheels as you would probably get more for the bbs.
  16. shariain

    3 child seats?

    I use to have 2 booster seats and a stage 1 car seat (one of these clip in base things) in the back of my 3dr 3.2 no problems my kids are now 8,5&1 so the stage 1 made way for a stage 2 and that still fitted in with 2 booster seats no problems. And I have the same in my Vw sharan just now on the...
  17. shariain

    Sky blue!

    Great job you done there.
  18. shariain

    Seat problems

    Have a look here if its the same problem I had then its an easy fix and easy to identify the faulty part.
  19. shariain

    Alarm Horn Issue The second one down is what will be wrong with your h12 alarm horn. And like others have said its behind the drivers wheel arch in a security box which is riveted to the body.