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    ITG Maxogen 2.0TFSI K04 Intake Kit - Long Weekend Sale!!

    Good Afternoon everyone! We are offering a stonking deal on the ITG Maxogen Intake Kit for all you guys and gals out there that have a K04 Powered 2.0TFSI!! The normal price of the intake kit is £384.00 inc VAT but we are offering this for a deal price of £330.00 inc VAT and with FREE next...
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    AP Coilover Peeps

    Hey guys!! for me I would have to recommend the AP range :D good kits and reasonable money! We tend to have a wide range in stock of them too, plus I would be more than happy to beat pretty much any price given from anywhere else! Send me a PM if I can help! :D Always happy to help...
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    Question about springs for the S3

    As above, the Eibach Springs are front only for the Audi S3 much but they offer a nice ride, where as the H&R Springs do lower the car a little more! :) H&R are on the tougher side but we have fitted quite a few of both and never really had any ride complaints, other than one recently which was...
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    To Warranty or Not?

    Honestly if it was me... I wouldn't we see it all the time where something that should be covered under warranty by various warranty companies turn out that they don't for XYZ reason. But that is just my 2p's! Mike
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    S3 forge twin intake

    Well with the 25% off I can offer the Stage 2 + for £493.50 inc VAT all done and dusted!! :D Give us a call to book in! :D Awesome Mike
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    Audi A3 Coilover fitting prices.

    We offer a deal price of £150.00 inc VAT to install coilovers (with alignment) as long as you buy them from us (excluding JOM coilovers) Do you already have some coilovers? Awesome Mike
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    S3 Cambelt Service

    Ahhh don't worry about that!! With a remap you can't see anything.... So as long as she doesn't drive the car she will never know :D Awesome Mike
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    S3 forge twin intake

    Hehe!! Well if there is anything I can help with regarding the mapping just ask away :) Also if you ever see a cheaper price than us for something we offer, let me know chances are I will be able to beat it for you :D Awesome Mike
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    S3 forge twin intake

    Hey Big, we can offer the APR mapping for you and we have a few deals on at the moment! What other bits have you done to the car?! Bargin price on the air intake! Where did you get that from? If you don't mind me asking :) Speak soon! Awesome Mike
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    S3 Cambelt Service

    You are all booked in too :D Always more than happy to see what we can do for you! We can have a nice chat about some APR remapping too!! :D 25% off at the moment! :D Awesome Mike
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    Pimp my ride! Alloys/tyres/springs/spoiler/spacers etc.

    Give us a call! :D I am sure we can 'pimp' your ride! haha! Awesome Mike
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    KW Lowering springs

    I have used KW Springs and dampers on a Mk3 Polo and they were fantastic! :) AwesomeMike
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    Ohhh yes!!! That will look ace!!! :D AwesomeMike
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    audi a3 20 tdi 53 plate turbo help

    Hi Mate, If you send over your reg to me via PM I will get you a good price on the turbocharger :) AwesomeMike
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    Im back !!!

    Get some pics up of the motor :D and I agree with Pii - Get a remap on there :D Is yours the 140 or 170 unit?! AwesomeMike P.S Hint Hint Wink Wink to my sig when it flashed to the TDI mapping prices ;)
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    That would mean a service is going to be required soon!! I would recommend a full service, even more so that we are offering a steal of a price of £117.00 inc VAT for a 4 cylinder engine and £165.00 for a 6 cylinder engine. It may also require a brake fluid change depending on when it was...
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    Im back !!!

    Welcome back mate :D AwesomeMike
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    coilpack removal

    Yes they can be a real pain to remove!! Nice idea with the tie wraps! :D Mike