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    2.0 TDI MPG

    Great article in the Mail today re manufacturers claims of mpg from their new cars, well worth a look. Some claiming over 40 per cent more than actual figures obtained.
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    Pedal offset - how much of a problem for you?

    Wow never even realised it until reading this post, obviously not a problem for me
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    Courtesy Car

    sid812 That's great news. As my Audi warranty expires in two weeks though it was a good idea to have the dealers check out a rattle (coming from rear nearside) so checked it in on Tuesday morning, and was given a A6 Avant S Line Quattro Auto (new shape) WOW what a motor absolutely love it, in...
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    Courtesy Car

    sid812 Looks like your Dealer reads Audi-Sport ?? . I always tend to get one model up on what I have, I am sure they know how easy I am led to buy a new car haha.
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    Courtesy Car

    Car was in yesterday for a service and the loan car was a A4 Avant DYNAMIK with 100 miles on the clock, well impressed. A4 Avant S Line Aruba Blue
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    LED Foglights??

    Great Job, looks good well done, got more patience than me.
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    Start up Tme

    Thanks for the inputs, will stop worrying about it then. Cheers Ken
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    Start up Tme

    Hi, Thinking more into the problem I guess it is a fraction faster when warm but not much.Just cant remember it being like that before, it is a bit colder weather wise now so maybe it will take longer, bearing in mind what a mild winter we have had I hate to think how long I would have to wait...
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    Start up Tme

    Morning All. I have noticed recently that the time between inserting the key into the ignition and the actual time that it begins to crank up so to speak is about 4 to 5 seconds, then it seems to struggle. This happens hot or cold start.Any ideas?.I am sure it never took that long when I first...
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    Warm up temp on 143 tdi

    Once again same here passengers side de-mists much quicker. (thought it was down to the wife talking) but obviously not haha
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    Warm up temp on 143 tdi

    Yep exactly the same here with my 2009 170 Avant , have to clean the inside windows with a micro cloth as they are soaking wet when the damp weather comes. Demist seems to work if you have 15 minutes to spare before you are ready to set off. Roll on the Spring.
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    What colour is your Car??

    Aruba Blue for me. B8 A4 Avant 170 2.0 TDI S Line
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    New A4 3.0tdi owner

    Yep my drivers door creaks, try pressing on the interior just below the window near to the door to see if this stops it.(does on mine) I just turn the radio up, Dealers don't hear it when I ask them, same as the noise that comes from the luggage compartment cover, maybe I just have over...
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    B8 TDI 170CR - MPG?

    Hi, Had my B8 2.0 TDI 170 lump Avant for a year now (bought when a year old from a main dealer) and am very happy with the car but not happy with the mpg never got over 38mpg on any journey, and that's from an old git over 60 years old, taking life easy. However hard I try cant get over the...
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    A4 Phantom Black Black Edition Avant Delivered

    Looks GREAT in Phantom Black, love the wheels too, agree about the look of the car " un-estate like" . Strange how certain colours can change the look of a car. Have on many occasion turned around and had a second look at a car that has caught my eye because of the colour and been surprised...
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    A4 Avant 2.0TDI 170 Black Edition Has Landed!

    Nice pics enjoy, looks excellent.
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    A4 AVANT S LINE 2.0 170 MPG??

    PaulTheo. Yep I think you are lucky, I would be very happy with those figures and to be honest that is what I would have expected, thanks for the input, off to the dealers tomorrow rear washer stopped, common problem I understand so will have a little chat and see what they say.
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    A4 AVANT S LINE 2.0 170 MPG??

    Thanks for the feedback, I guess I was pushing on a bit but not that heavy footed (max 80-85mph on motorway half of the journey, I am 62 year old so not a boy racer by any means. guess I will just have to live with it, my old A6 on a 54 plate use to get around 50mpg on a similar run so was...
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    A4 AVANT S LINE 2.0 170 MPG??

    Hi Guys, I have just made my first longish run in my newly acquired 2009 registered Avant, from Kent to Somerset, with four adults inside the car and two medium size suitcases I have calculated that I got 36 mpg on the run there and similar figures coming back 34.5 mpg back (based on top ups...