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  1. shariain

    Missing Plane

    It's an American secret weapon that clocked the plane and it altered the time space continuum and it shifted the plane to an alternative universe.
  2. shariain

    Happy Birthday to Sandra

    Belated happy birthday hope you had a great day.
  3. shariain

    Hit a deer

    Shame it wasn't dead outright after the impact. It could have paid for your new grill.
  4. shariain

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  5. shariain

    Horizon - Defeating the Hackers

    Put it on record the virus that was used to attack the Iran nuke systems sounds very interesting to say the least.
  6. shariain

    drink driving details wrong.

    I reported a drink driver at Xmas time about 2 years ago. I was at the take away and this guy (suit and tie proper business man)couldn't walk the length of himself without falling over we both left at the same time and I seen a merc clk convertible that was parked diagonally across 2 spaces and...
  7. shariain

    Meteor Shower Tonight

    Seen a few so far thanks for the heads up. Lying out the back on the trampoline looking up just now.
  8. shariain

    man vs food

    The FB Challange 3X 6oz burgers with bacon, salsa, cheese, mushrooms, onions and black pudding in the bun. Then the chips, 3 onion rings, salad and coleslaw. All done and I have the T-shirt and certificate to prove it.
  9. shariain

    Scientist banned from revealing codes used to start luxury cars

    Common sense from a court judge at last.
  10. shariain

    Ah!! Those Were The Days. Skint Knees, Jumpers for Goalposts !!!

    I bought some these for the boys not that long ago as I could remember them from when I was young but they never got them. I opened them all up took everything out and placed it in the finger of a latex glove and what a bang it makes.
  11. shariain

    Hunt vs Lauda

    Thanks OP I have set record. It's also replayed on Tuesday 16th @11:20pm on bbc2 incase anyone misses it.
  12. shariain

    Don Corleone Bagel - THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND

    I might just get out of bed now and go get the stuff to make these.
  13. shariain

    Anybody else old enough....

    Will be 34 this year. My first computer was a Commodore 64 and shinobi which would have been late 80's I would have been about 10 years old. God I feel old now.
  14. shariain

    Anybody else old enough....

    Was it mortal combat or street fighter. This is one of the first games I can remember playing. The other one I liked from the early days is Syndicate
  15. shariain

    10st testicles

    Channel 4 just now the man with 10st testicles. That man has some balls
  16. shariain

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  17. shariain

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  18. shariain

    Oops I think September might be a push.

    That sounds like a great day. Think I might need to look into getting some tickets for me and my 2 boys.
  19. shariain

    Confused.... logbook... previous owners.... mess!

    The dealer should be able to supply you with a dated receipt or paperwork for your deposit as all transactions should be traceable to counter fraud.
  20. shariain

    Confused.... logbook... previous owners.... mess!

    Would your receipt for your deposit not be proof of purchase in which case before v62 was sent off.