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    Wheel arches rusting

    New wings is the solution, in fact the only lasting solution
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    What kit do you use?

    I'm pretty much as bristle hound, no snow foam as its really all show. Always use citrus pre-wash in a pump up bottle. DAS 6 pro machine loads of different pads and polishes, glazes etc
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    Easy way to clean A3 S-Line alloys

    Do they add swirls and scratches for free at the same
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    measuring thickness of paint

    How much machine polishing do u do, do u use a DA or orbital machine. If your only hand polishing then really no need. But if your paintwork needs some serious correction and your using some serious compounds and pads why not play it safe. Not burning though the paint more the top coat. I...
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    measuring thickness of paint

    Dafter if you burn through when polishing with a machine
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    Traffic Film Remover

    Snow foam, is all show......the neighbours sure love it, but it does not shift any more than the above citrus pre-wash
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    Traffic Film Remover

    Here ya go, a proper pre-wash as opposed to most of the snow foams which are all show!!