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  1. Steve_T

    Advice on lenses please!

    I have a Nikon D300s with the nikon 18-200mm and it is a cracking all round lens. Maybe worth getting a Sigma 10-20mm for that wide angle look. I would steer clear of the 18-55 you will only be swapping for longer lens all the time.
  2. Steve_T

    S3 at night under streetlamp

    i tried something simular the other night But i need a remote flash and softbox to try and bring back the detail in the side of the car. Steve
  3. Steve_T

    Snowdonia Panoramics ~ 56k

    Great photos you have got there! warrencox if you can spare the extra cash go for the Lee filters, They are so much better than anything else that i have tried. Ste