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    The TT forum is one dead place

    Doesnt help that TTRS owners around here get a slap in the face by not being deemed a proper RS model
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    Your gas and elec bill this winter

    Is your loft insulated, cavity walls insulated? Any drafts sorted? Double glazing? How old is your boiler? Has it been serviced lately and checked to be using the right amount of gas? Do your radiators heat up quickly and are without cold spots? If the system is sludged efficiency is massively...
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    Speed cameras on the M25.

    risky strategy, but I have witnessed my own friends go through the gantries on the m1 at STUPID speeds, and nothing ever happens. Usually scenario going and coming back from the pod. Me personally, i dont chance it
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    Any plumbers about?

    If you connect pre-pressure reducing valve make sure you dont use those cheap tap fitting kits, but instead just use brass fittings!