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    cheers , I'll get it and the water pump done at the same time - mechanic recons about the £300 mark
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    Hi all, I have a service due on my A4 Cab its got about 55,000 on the clock and was registered in Oct 2007. Does it need the cambelt replacing as Ive looked in the service book and it says 80K and the audi dealer site says 5 years or 75K but my garage recommends I get it done now! Seems a...
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    Help - Rear arm rest stuck in

    we have a 2007 cab and the rear arm rest seems to be stuck and I cant release it - any ideas ?
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    Help on Tyres - ZE912's vs FK452

    Ive had these both and the 452's are far superior in terms of grip and wear, in fact the 912's had a shocking wear rate and didn't last even a year.
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    19" RS6 Replica Alloys (help me)

    Dont you like the new RS6 replicas - thinking of getting some 18's for our cab soon PS 6 spokes for sale soon - just back from refurb - new centres - as new
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    Remap Science

    Hi all just got my A4 140 bhp conv and find its a little flat has anybody heard iof these guys Remap Science Rolling Road Tuning Centre 85 Barnard Road Bradford West Yorkshire BD4 7DX - I did a search but it brought all remaps threads up