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    I went from a 2.0T S-line quattro to a TTS, I wanted an S3 but when I looked I didn't think there was a massive difference between my A3 and S3 (my A3 was specced nicely-ex demonstrator) and noticed the TTS sat there with it's 19 inch wheels, I NEVER thought of myself as a TT owner! and that's...
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    Bluefin S3 upgrade

    Thanks for the replies and links, seems like the engine may produce more than quoted anyway and being as the map for DSG does not have all the available mid range torque due to the torque limiters in the DSG gearbox I may be paying the best part of £450 for very little indeed, I'll sleep on this...
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    Bluefin S3 upgrade

    Has anyone had this done to their 261hp S3?, i'm interested in having it on my TTS, the TTS is the DSG version and this is what is causing me to hold back a little as I have already had DSG problems with the mechatronic unit and I would hate Audi to refuse any further warranty it may require due...
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    Stolen: My Pride and Joy

    My TTS has a tracker from new (ex demo) the price to change the registration details and for a years cover was around £250!! they pestered me for weeks to take it out, I contacted my insurance company asking for a discount for the tracker and they said they only offer discounts for high value...
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    What Will Be Your Next Audi?

    My next Audi?? maybe not, I test drove a BMW 1 Coupe M Sport with the 203 diesel twin sequential Turbo, sorry lads, it's miles better than anything Audi do at the moment, The engine is seamless, just pulls and pulls. Even the interior feels superior............... They also do a 135, twin...
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    What MPG do you 2.0T boys get

    No, mine loses out on the mpg in the colder months, I think because of longer warm up times and more transmission drag. Comp 2 normally says 29.9 in summer, 28 in winter Don't forget there is quite a large mpg penalty for Quattro, my mate has a 2.0 Tfsi A4 DTM, he averages about 33mpg, 37...
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    3.2 Bumper

    Ah!!! I missed the rear bit................but I did answer the post above which only talked about front bumpers................
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    3.2 Bumper

    Don't they also come with or without Headlamp washer cut outs as well?
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    Problems putting fuel in!!!

    I had exactly the same problem with my 2003 A3 2.0FSI, I traded the car in for my prsent 2005 2.0TFSI car and the problem just isn't there any more at all, I think there must be a moded fuel filler neck on later cars?
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    idiot who can't park

    My wife also parks our Audi right at the back of the car park, a month or so ago she was walking back to the car getting more annoyed because someone had parked a Land cruiser about a foot away from our car when there were spaces everywhere. When she got to the car the Land cruiser owner (...
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    New S3 Owners

    My 2.0T is coming up for its second service at about 23,000miles, from memory the book says if you use the likes of Mobil 1 you should get the service done every 12,000 miles, I reckon thats the better option, I can't see this long life stuff being as good as mobil 1??
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    Misano Red Paint flaking again.

    A friend from work did after his Alpha was fitted with a new bumper
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    Mine do it as well, appears like the lamp or reflector is loose, I think it is to do with the self leveling device but not it actually operating, more like play in the linkage, It annoyed me at first but I guess i'm used to it now
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    Creaky Door\Window Seals (the curse of)

    Porsche had a similar problem with windscreen seals on the 993 model, they first tried a different seal which was furry or felt backed, they then went to a special transparant tape which was applied under the screen insert rubber to allow the said rubber to slide or move around slightly. My...
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    Quattro Tyre Wear.

    Thanks for that, I used to do an awfull lot of 911 work, we had a 911 turbo2 in that was f******g dangerous, it would change lanes on the by-pass with on or off throttle application QUICKER tham would be possible with steering input, turned out the customer had put one new rear tyre on the car...
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    Quattro Tyre Wear.

    Just noticed something I find a little odd, my car has done 17,000 miles, the rear tyres are just about on the wear bars, yet the fronts still have a little (1.5mm) of life left in them, now I always believed the quattro/haldex system mainly drove the front wheels, only supplying torque to the...
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    Removing suspension help (pics)

    I think you will find if you look at the head of the bolt where it comes through the nut there will be either a torx or allen head inside the protruding bolt, this is to stop it spinning while you undo the nut with a spanner
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    What's the best way to break-in a 2.0 TFSI ?

    +1, my last A3 was run in slowly by the wifey, it drank oil like a good un, only stopping at around 15,000 miles, this one (ex demo-that should explain the running in!) has never used a drop from when I bought it with 5000mile.........
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    New S3 quattro

    It also disengages the Haldex unit the moment the brakes are applied, also the handbrake disengages drive to the rear, In normal "cruise" mode there is not much going rearwards, even the after market stand alone controllers for use with Haldex's in other cars can only split to a maximum of 50/50,
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    Xenon Owners - do you get flashed?

    Actually you can, I adjusted mine down a little, and down they went, still worked with the auto adjustment etc, the problem with adjusting them down is they have such a precise cut off on the beam that if you adjust them too low you just can't see where your going! I find a few bends were...