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    A5 door control unit

    Hi Does anyone know if i buy a new driver door control unit-does it have to be coded or is it plug and play? thanks
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    A5 dab upgrade

    I have a basic concert head unit-no nav or fone prep, I want to put a dab concert unit in. would this be the one? thanks in advance
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    spare key

    After the wife loosing one of the keys and the dealer wanting£300 for a new one, i rang around lots of key specialists with no joy. i found this guy in Ipswich, did it in 10 minutes for half the price of the dealer.
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    washer jet upgrade

    Hi Has anyone changed the standard pistol type washers to the fan type? a part number would be great Thanks
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    DAB Upgrade

    hi just bought 2.7 tdi with basic sound system-no phone prep,no nav. anyone have a rough idea on cost of upgrading to DAB? Thanks
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    1 key in safe mode

    hi, changed battery in keyfob-reprogramed the fob so it opens the doors on the button, but car is in safe mode? the other key is fine. any ideas? I have not changed fobs so it is the same immo chip.
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    Remap Egr & Dpf delete/removal

    As Title best place around norfolk for Remap egr & dpf removal/delete Thanks
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    starting issue

    A4 B7 TDI 140 first start of the day-doesn't make any difference with ambient temperature-it struggles to fire, as if it is not getting enough fuel? pump the accelerator and it catches? only does it in the morning then its fine. had new glow plugs, fuel filter, coolant temp sensor and fuel temp...
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    Tatty brake calipers.

    check these out on ebay-different colours too-321906006386
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    Morning! Does anyone have part no's for gaskets-2.0 TDI 2005 anti shudder valve Egr valve Inlet manifold Many thanks
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    A4 B7 2.0tdi Sline Multitronic oil change

    make sure they do the final drive fluid change as well
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    Anyone tried a prodiesel chip ?

    To be honest i got a £15 chip off ebay-does exactly the same, more torque, more bhp, little better on fuel.
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    engine surging at idle

    2.0 tdi 140 auto, the engine seems to surge-sitting at a junction you can feel it with your foot on the brake, you have to apply the brake pedal harder to stop it from creeping forward as if the idle is higher? when it is started in the mornings you can hear a slight whistling ramping up and...
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    2.0 tdi thermostat replacement

    Hi there is a thread on here for replacing the thermostat for a TFSI but not the TDI. has anyone done this? is it the same procedure as for the TFSI? many thanks
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    2005 2.0 tdi thermostat part number

    Does anyone know what the part number is? 2005 tdi blb engine thermostat. thanks
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    AC /Heater Unit Operation

    Hi, im on the A4 B7 forum, but my son has just bought an A3 8P 2004. there are no books with the car and the AC/heater unit is different to my A4. can anyone tell me the operation/what the buttons are and do? Thanks
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    Dual climate issue

    I had this-glovebox out then you can see the motors, these have plastic arms. try moving them with the controls and you will see which one doesn't move, I just got some WD40 on mine and been fine since.
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    Gearbox Service (Norfolk)

    always use yelverton-have done for years, never had a problem with any work they have done
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    Key Fob

    thanks will let you know how it goes