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    Hid kit - Diy guide for the b6

    Hi, I've got an older style HID (larger ballasets and no canbus) kit that isn't being used. I'm hoping to order some canbus kits and install the HIDs into my B6. If I don't plan to fiot the ballasts in the compartment as you have done will I need to drill a hole through plastic bulb cover...
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    Fitting HID's

    Hi, I've got a standard HID kit with the larger ballasts sitting around. I'm hoping to fit this to my B6. I realise that I'll need to buy some cancellers for it but I wanted to ask if anyone knows of a guide for fitting these. I've seen one where the slim ballasts are fitted in the head light...
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    Upgrading B6 headlights

    Hi, I've recently bought a B6 Avant 1.8t Sline. It doesn't have xenon lights but does have projectors. I've noticed that the light output from the original bulbs is pretty poor and not that great for dark roads. Other than fitting HID lights, is there any other direct replacements I can fit that...