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    Newbie S3 8L owner

    Welcome you pain lol you can get some great help on here Mr ade
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    decat help

    So how come I've been told they don't fit buddy ? And where can I get a lamba from with that angle as mine is at the top
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    decat help

    Ok guys went to order a decat today for my 1.8t Quattro and have been told they don't fit the Quattro engine is this right and has anyone got one fitted to theirs Cheers guys
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    lcr spliter

    Cheers guys my bumper is different to the one In the pic so might be why I'm struggling
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    lcr spliter

    As for the uprights do they need to be completely cut off ? Cheers
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    lcr spliter

    Cheers buddy will give it another go
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    lcr spliter

    Ok guys went to go fit this yesterday and it seemed like it didn't fit did anyone have to cut it down or anything to get it to fit properly mine has the vortex front if that makes any difference cheers
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    strange boost fault

    I have this same code and same prob on my 1.8t only since I had a new turbo I also get fuel system to lean bank one that I belive is a lamba sensor I'm going to get a decat very soon see if that helps as only had these codes sine I had the middle box delete on my stainless system
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    vortex front lower grill

    They are axe alloys mate 19s staggered and concaved buddy
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    revo question and induction kit on 1.8t

    Ok guys been looking on the revo site and seen they do a tunning box that plugs into the odb port has anyone used these and are they any good also been looking at cai do they really create much of a problem on these engines as mines got like a shield to protect from heat
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    vortex front lower grill

    I already have the rs4 top grill but the prev owner must have lost the lower grill and put mesh there so looking to replace it buddy and I know the vortex ones are rare and expensive this is the front
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    vortex front lower grill

    Ok guys I know these are really rare I'm trying to find a replacement for mine my question is do the standard front lower grill fit as looking into changing the inserts to match the rest ? Cheers
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    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    How did you find fitting the brakes looking into this for mine what disks did you use as found out that ml55 disks fit well and how did you bolt the caliper up ?
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    Stereo trouble

    I've just done this a friend did it for me and had the same no rear speakers although everything was connected swapped the phono leads over to the rear rather than sub and got rear speakers but they are not as loud as they used to be I only found them working as I turned the fade to rear then...
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    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Yer I know buddy that was the first go at it lol the rest is all good :)
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    central locking remote problem

    Think mine mite be the same sometimes I go out to the car and fob does not work then as soon as I put key in ignition it works again :(
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    Flat bottom steering wheel

    I asked this question a few months ago for my avant and got told it couldn't be done :( I'm confussed
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    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Well been a full on week for parts did the d/d unit bradh helped wire it in got all the dash wrapped and while I was there changed the gaitor to a alantra one also brad found some broke wires in the door and fixed them :) here's some pics not to everyone's taste :)
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    Air freshners

    I use two jelly belly blueberry and ad spray in different sents