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    Turbo Refurb / "as-new" unit?

    Where would the best place to get my turbo refurbed or to get an "as-new" unit to replace my one on my 2005 A3 2.0TDi that now has 150,000 miles on the clock?
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    Haldex ECU - Fault Code J492

    Just replaced the Haldex ECU and it worked first time. Thanks for all the help! Couldn't be happier! Just in time for the snow too!
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    SILICONE HOSE KITS - Apart from making your engine look pretty whats the advantage.
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    Damaged damper

    I've got a damaged damper that needs replacing and I've been toying with just getting a complete overhaul of the suspension inc bushes too as the car is rough as **** to ride these days - I remember when I first got it how smooth it was. The car has 140k+ miles on the clock - so it is...
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    Mayonaise on oil cap - diagnostic help please.

    Yeah its the coolant/water getting into the engine. A pressure/compression test I guess is the only way to find out!
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    Has anyone attempted to restore there own wheels?

    Sand off all the old paint down to the primer.. get some wet n dry and smooth that out. Then prime again and W&D it. Add up to 3 layers of spray paint remembering to W&D between layers. Then the gloss/sealing layer twice.
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    DIS / Instrument Lights gone wonky..

    Woke up to a flat battery today. Tried my own battery charger - didn't work. Had to call out the AA - their diagnosis said "bad cell" and it appears there was a 1.4amp per hour discharge from the battery with the key out the ignition. We changed the battery - all is fine now as it...
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    Rear wiper going nuts!

    Yeah same thing happened to me. Though I think i left it too late - the rear motor doesnt work anymore - so if anyone reading this has deleted their rear wiper and looking to shed some weight - I'll happily take their wiper motor off their hands! (I'll pay P&P etc.)
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    Guhh! just been flashed by a static speed camera...

    do you have to tell insurer?
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    DIS / Instrument Lights gone wonky..

    Aberdeen Here's some pics... By ruxtonj at 2011-11-03 By ruxtonj at 2011-11-03
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    DIS / Instrument Lights gone wonky..

    Car was working fine one afternoon. Got in it the same evening and it wasn't until about 5mins in that I noticed that the time/date display and the mileage clock displays were extremely bright. I then looked down and saw that the climate control display was super bright too (lighting up the...
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    My Throttle Bodys a Tad Dirty...

    Whoa.! No wonder mine failed at 120k and had to be replaced...
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    How many miles do you get from a tank of fuel?

    I too have the 8P 2.0TDi, I get a little more than 500 on a full tank driving on A & B roads and town driving (not city). Though when I only fill to a half tank - I don't know if it's psychological or weightsaving - but I get about 300miles from the half tank to the 50mi warning/first red...
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    My A3 TDI Sport

    Just get the S-Line spoiler on there and it'll look the biz :)
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    audi a3 2.0 tdi 8p 140 new turbo being fitted tomorrow

    This is something I'm keeping in mind for the new year - my 8P 140 2.0TDi is already on 140K.. and just for peace of mind... need my belt and water pump changing first!
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    Fed up with PS3

    is there no way you can check your details online and reset it there?
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    Haldex ECU - Fault Code J492

    There is an A - but it really does look like a Y at the end there. As for the cables - did you mean the corrosion to be on the lead or on the multi connector on the ECU itself?
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    how to open boot when battery is REALLY flat?!?

    Cant you just hop in the back and get into the boot by taking down the back seats?