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    peugeot 106 XND. RAPID!!

    good god talk about dragging up an old thread. this is over 3 years old what a blast from the past. i got rid of the ax nearly 11 years ago!!!!!:icon_thumright:
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    ASA AR1 vs BBS CH

    yeah they are 18's i got them off a guy from here, they were only a week old. they used to sell them on ebay new for £800 with tyres. there sat in the garage collectin dust now, no s3 to put them on anymore.....
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    ASA AR1 vs BBS CH

    heres the ar1's on a s3
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    the time has come to say goodbye to the s3....

    i can see ur point but £200 cheaper car insurance, £80 cheaper tax no mots for the next 3 years= £180, fuel prices will probably continue to rise, and my misses can drive this one. my car needs servicing and will need new discs and pads soon too, the tdi will probably become the...
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    the time has come to say goodbye to the s3....

    cheers guys, col ive seen u on SCN recently, lookin forward to halvin my fuel bill thats for sure....... pick the new car up on friday, so its come early, only problem is ive got too much petrol in my car to last me and ill never use it up, what a waste of money!!!!!!
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    Tarox 6 pot brakes , where do i get mounting brackets

    my mate has these on his leon fr tdi, came with the car and they dont half squeel!!!! hes had the discs and pads changed under warranty from the garage he got the car from, for a softer/harder compound pad (i dont remember which one) and they still squeel not as bad though,,, they stop very well...
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    Golf Anniversary BBS RX Split Rim Alloy Wheels

    still love those wheels!!!!! can you get them in 17's for my new car?????
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    the time has come to say goodbye to the s3....

    well after 3 years of happy motoring with the s3, it has come time for a change, i love the car comfortable and quick, however since buying my 1st house in march my priorities have changed and i need somethin more economical to run, well ive decided on a seat ibiza fr tdi (small and cheap to...
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    Drastic Price difference on tyres

    what ever you do, do not get linglong's my friend has them on his car and he says they are awful, no grip at all, wet or dry. tyre prices are shocking, and some places just try and rip you off. £150 a corner!!! were they gold plated or 22"?
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    Wheeler Dealers

    ive seen a few of these the most recent was a porsche payed 700 for it total after bits came to i think about 1100, he then advertised it for 1750 the guy said 1400 he said no, then the next offer came in 1500 and he took it. ed had done a great job on it but you take the labour charge into...
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    My petrol cost calculator

    bless her, she likes a drink doesnt she!!!:lmfao:
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    My petrol cost calculator

    ouch how big is your tank?
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    the dreaded clio!

    if i had one id just get it sorted before it ends up takin your life!
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    Mk3 Polo with 1.8T engine

    oh my god its alot of money for a car which like he says cant go round corners and dont bother in the wet. must admit its as mad as a box of frogs though.
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    the dreaded clio!

    you know this problem that keeps popping up with the renault clio and the bonnet flying up, that renault claim isnt a problem! well ive just seen a poor clio owner in a layby on the a17 with there bonnet nicely pressed up agaisnt the windscreen, that must be a scary moment in life! come on...
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    I seem to offend people on here but ive only bought my S3 for...

    it did seem like there was a picture missing from the comment.
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    I seem to offend people on here but ive only bought my S3 for...

    ummmmmm............ thanks for sharing.
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    cable and xbox live?

    cheers matey. :icon_thumright: