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    Uneven Rear Tyre Wear

    My A3 Sportback Sport has got to 16k miles and needs new front tyres, both have worn evenly if not a bit more down the middle suggesting tyre pressure could be a bit lower in future. I am happy with that. BUT the rear tyres, I have discovered, have worn badly on the outer edges (1.6mm outer...
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    Remap Science

    Thanks for the comments everyone, glad I asked the question!
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    Remap Science

    Anybody had any experience with a remap from a company called Remap Science, Good or Bad???? They talk a good game but I would like to hear from anyone that has used them.
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    1.8TFSI Warm Starting

    I am hoping someone has come across this problem and found a solution. If my 1.8 is parked for just a few minutes, when you try to re-start the engine, while still hot/warm, it will start and then stop again within a second or two. After the third or fourth attempt it will eventually run...
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    How Different are S-line Springs to Sport/Standard Springs?

    I don't think it is a good idea changing just one spring, just doesn't seem right! There should be quite a few spare springs available on this forum, it seems quite a common mod to change them. Shame about Audi response though
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    First Impressions

    Its good to see one in one uniform colour I really hate the trend for multi coloured cars
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    2007 Audi A3 Sportback DSG 2.0TDI 170BHP - DSG Snatching when setting off. Normal??

    My 07 Passat 170tdi snatched at pull away almost from new. My supplying dealer kept fiddling with it (software etc.) and it always felt better when I left the dealers. I wondered if it was being reset and then started snatching again as it learnt my driving style. In the end I tried a...
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    Question About Xenons - Keep getting flashed.....and not in a good way !!

    Just in the hope that I might learn something. How does lowering the car affect the angle of the headlight, surely they would be the same angle just a bit lower which would make the beam hit the ground just a bit nearer the car??
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    Mud Flaps essential especially for winter?

    I usually fit mudflaps and the Audi ones are quite unobtrusive. In fact they are a bit too unobtrusive because they are not even as wide as the tyres but they do keep some of the muck off of the bodywork. Syling wise I can't see how they are a fail they just extend the line of the wheel arch...
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    5p a litre off Shell V-power on Friday

    I heard this on the radio this morning drove on fumes to my Shell garage which is miles away only to find out they weren't participating because they are not a company owned site. A bit annoyed about that but still get to try a tank full of the good stuff
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    Cornering Fog Lights

    Quite a few cars (e.g. latest Golf) now have one fog light come on (at night & at low speeds only) when you indicate, to improve visibility into dark turnings. I quite like this idea and was wondering if it can be done on the A3.
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    Half Leather / Alcantara

    Here is a pic of my interior, (you won't like it!!)
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    Defective tyre

    Do you mean the steering was pulling to one side or just the steering wheel was no longer central. I don't see how the defect in your picture could cause either of these faults? Its hard to tell from the picture whether it is a cut or a failure but I think you should refer it to the...
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    Half Leather / Alcantara

    Use the Audi configurator that gives a pretty good rendition of the inside of the car. I am very pleased with my Alcantara by the way
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    USB Connection and track display

    I think the USB option is poor value for money (just a CD changer cable with a socket on the end). Best thing to do is create six directories on the USB stick then fill each directory (up to 99 tracks per directory) with a single artist. Each directory appears as a CD (CD1 ---CD6 no names...
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    Exhaust trims

    much better!!
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    Indentations on flat bottom steering wheel

    Leopard skin (mock) steering wheel cover from Halfrauds???
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    S3 8p3 heated front windscreen?

    I have just found out that Skoda Yetis have a heated windscreen as an option, So why not A3s??
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    Remapping via OBD not possible on new A3...

    I'm glad it worked out OK. you sound really pleased!! Your original output was pretty good how many miles on the clock?
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    Please Help

    If you bought it from a trader get it back there pronto!! Commercial sellers are required to provide basic warranty and that should include faults developing after just a day or so. If you don't have any joy with the trader then I would ask trading standards to help.