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    Photo's of your Dogs. Post here.

    Spot the dogs!
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    Unexpected quattro tyre wear

    Yep exactly the same problem with my 3.2. Both front tyres totally ******** on the inside, 3mm of tread outside, legal limit on inside. I'm quite (very) paranoid about keeping my tyres in good shape, so this came as abit of shock when I noticed. Tyre place said same as everyone else here - speed...
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    Advice needed-got to store my car...

    You can start the DSG in neutral. You can not remove the keys though. The 3.2 V6 battery is not a convential battery, please check before using various charges on it.
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    Whats the BEST Tyres for a 3.2 Quattro ?

    I changed the orginal contact sports 2 for a set of pirelli Pzreo rosso on the front which I've found very good. I've always considered yoko best for grip but they really don't last very long. Recently replace back tyres with brand new designed vredestein the Ultrac Sessanta , these thing have...
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    how lon do points stay on your licence?

    3 years for totting up, 4 years on your licence and 5 years for insurance purposes. Try Liverpool Victoria, they are not interested in anything less than 9 points or a ban as the result of a single incidence of speeding.
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    Whats your favorite book?

    Orwell's 1984
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    AVS Servicing - Post your quotes and dealers here.

    Guilders Sheffield £250 quid on first service (16k) miles on A3 3.2. Valeted properly as well, free courtsey car (well 1.6 A3 sportback) Good, polite, informative service staff. Even sent me text message 12 hours before reminding me to fetch driving licence.
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    New Mobile- What should I Get??

    If you prefer clamshell phones I can recommend the SE Z710i, as a work tools its very good, ok camera is 2m with no flash but I've got a decent compact digital cam for that. On the plus side good speaker phone, good battery life, good blue tooth link, good voice recon for car, mp3 player and...
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    Door mirror glass

    Anyone point in the direction of a cheap place? Broken OS! Is it the same part as the golf/bora/other audi's? TIA
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    Detailed A GTI-6 - Phew!

    Dare we ask how much? Would love that doing to the A3, had a quote recently which seemed a little high.
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    My latest mod

    Looing good. About to order a smiliar set up myself. Orginally set up system as a marine tank and needed a sump filter, effectline won't drill the tank so had to go for another make. I've never been quite happy with the finish and now I've found some one who can drill them. Marine set up went by...
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    LCD or Plasma

    Good post please keep up the comments cos this is a choice I'm making soon!
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    Clunk - Quattro to FWD

    Odd thing happended to my 3.2Q, approaching a round about in Sheffield and clunk, traction control lights up and I appear only to have FWD. Sorted itself out after I have switched it off and back on again. Any ideas or similar problems?
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    Cheap BMW M3 - it must be a scam

    Possible account hijack? Odd that the person asks to be emailed at a different address?
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    Instrument lights

    Thanks for the replies so far but... In the dark (my garage) the instrument lights are off and in bright sunlight they are on which I don't get. Surely it would be better for them to be on in the dark so I can see the dials and off in bright sunlight where I can see them due to the sunlight.
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    Instrument lights

    Yes and I know I'm probably been thick but the way dials are set out means they require a different form of lighting to say an headunit? It would seem more obvious that in the dark the dials would require backlight whereas in the sun you can see them (i.e. they don't rely on contrast as much as...
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    Instrument lights

    After months of looking at my dials and deciding if they are lit or not I have come to the conclusion that there is light sensor which determines light and level during the day when the side lights are off. Now this system seems to work the wrong way round, surely the dials should light up in...
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    Sportline springs fitted

    Very nice, good colour. PS I'd mask yourt plate if I were you
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    All 3.2 V6 A3 Owners Please Sign in

    Hello Only one fault possibly due to an aftermarket headunit and/or sat nav system. Never did find out which it was.
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    Harmon Kardon Drive and Play

    Aw another follower on the path to true ipod intergration. Well folks I think I've found the answer in the shape of a full speed alpine headunit. On the plus side it does exactly what the ipod does using the silver shuttle wheel, on the...