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    ESP Light on and Glow Plug Light Flashing - Car Cuts Out! Help!

    Had this exact problem a few weeks back, with exactly the same symptoms that you are describing; then the problem became more frequent. Turned out that I needed a new throttle pedal; changed it and the car has been perfect ever since. Look into it mate. Me and my mate took the pcb out of the...
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    Upgrading B6 headlights

    I run NightBreakers in my B6 and they're much better than the OEM bulbs but still not that brilliant. Gonna go for HID's when I can find some OEM Xenon lamps.
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    Which upgrade headlight bulbs for my 53 plate b6?

    Technically they're illegal if you don't fit headlamp washers and an auto-levelling system. Most MOT testers will just assume they're factory fitted HIDs and as long as the beam pattern is ok then they'll probably pass your car. If you get stopped by the local constabulary and they book you...
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    Which upgrade headlight bulbs for my 53 plate b6?

    I went for Osram Night Breakers for my dipped and main beams. The main beams are awesome but the dipped are still not great. I might get a HID kit sometime to replace the halogen dipped bulbs.
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    number plate light bulb holders

    Had a go at changing mine and thank god the screws came out without too much fuss; I refitted them with LED festoons, HPI R/C screws and a dab of copper grease. The pics are crap, but you get the idea..........
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    What plans do you have for your car over the winter months?

    Gonna sort out the condensation in the headlights, fit some HIDs, sort out some embossed numberplates with German surrounds. A few bits and bobs to keep me busy.
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    more carbon..

    That carbon looks very nice indeed, great work.
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    Driving in the Snow - Multitronics

    I've got a 1.9 Tdi Sport with 235 section tyres, and a Vauxhall Corsa B with 165 section tyres. The little Corsa is the only car I'll drive in snow; total confidence in it. :cold:
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    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    Here's mine................ Just today changed the dipped and main beam bulbs for Osram Nightbreakers; will test in the dark later.:sly:
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    Hi There

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Here are some piccies of the beast....... :rock: Lol. The interior needs hoovering badly. :unsure: Ha ha.
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    Hi There

    Hello, My name's Martin and I've just bought a phantom black metallic A4 1.9Tdi 130 (6) Sport Saloon. Only had it a day and a half and I'm loving it already. :thumbsup: Nice forum you have here, just thought I'd say hi.