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    2004 A4 Rear speaker problem

    okay my friend took a look and cut through the loom, i have had an amp and sub installed and alas still not sound from the rear speakers. after pulling everything out myself i have noticed that the the wires are not even connected. so what do i do run the speakers from my alpine 700w amp or...
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    Locking Problem

    Thanks guys, turned out to be a fuse not inserted properly.
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    Locking Problem

    Hi I own a 2004 A4. Basically it will not lock when using the fob. When I use the key all doors lock besides front passenger. Aud said something to do with air pressure locking. Has anyone else experianced this or know what the Hell I have to do to remedy it. For obvious reasons not being able...
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    Any young(ish) A4 drivers?

    23 with Churchill on 04 A4 They're fairly good
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    2004 A4 Rear speaker problem

    Hi I have put a new alpine head unit in my A4 in replacement of the concert HU Front speakers work fine but I cannot get any sound from the rear speakers? has anyone else had this problem and know what to do? and/or have a wiring diagram? cheers
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    2004 A4 Head Unit

    Hi can anyone tell me how to remove the Head Unit from a 2004 A4 Sport? Cheers
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    10 Standard Speakers

    Hi I've ordered an A4 and I want to upgrade the audio system, so I was wondering where the Hell the 10 speakers are located and is there a "kit" that i could purchase to replace all 10?