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  1. youngy93

    Unstable back end after new tyres

    The Tyre difference front axle to rear axle isn't as much as an issue on the haldex as it spends most of its time driving the front wheels, its mainly a issue on the torsen permanent systems. Could be worth just having the alignment checked
  2. youngy93

    B8 3.0tdi abs/suspension/parking brake warnings

    whenever i have replaced my wheel speed sensors, i snap the top off and put a self tapper down the middle of the sensor then pull it out with a claw hammer :sweatsmile:
  3. youngy93

    Bobby Singh A4 3.0 TDI build thread

    Hello Bobby, I've just fitted a darkside downpipe to my 3.0tdi, I now have the fault code p2564 control position circuit low, any ideas on what could be the cause? Cheers Dan
  4. youngy93

    Bobby Singh A4 3.0 TDI build thread

    Do you have any instructions on removing the firewall is is it straightforward? do you need to get under the car to undo bolts for the downpipe? Cheers Dan
  5. youngy93

    Lag switching between drive and reverse

    i would always make sure the car is static when changing between forward and reverse, might be waiting for the speed to drop before changing?
  6. youngy93

    3.0tdi Altenator Replacement

    Hello, my altenator has stopped working just in time for Christmas does anyone have any instructions for removal as searched the net to no avail Cheers Dan
  7. youngy93

    Audi 3.0TDI ESP - Coding out

    Pull the abs fuse? However i agree, can tell especially when in the snow with the system "off" it still cuts power etc
  8. youngy93

    Help Please slight misfiring under load and unknown fault code

    Terra clean dosen't clean any of the inlet manifolds and doesn't do much in the way of cleaning the EGR so i would recommend having them manually cleaned
  9. youngy93

    xHP for VW/Audi - who is interested?

    Definitely, mine says i have a 600 nm torque limit when looking on Vag com, also sick of spending so much time in torque converter :racer:
  10. youngy93

    Help Please Xenon Headlight level sensors

    No idea about the sensors should be p.n on them?, also how do you find the gearbox map :D ?
  11. youngy93

    Bobby Singh A4 3.0 TDI build thread

    I currently have the 6hp28, seen DTUK do a tuning box for the trans which coveres DSG and Tip which im not sure on, just need faster gear changes, round town it spends too long in tc drive
  12. youngy93

    Bobby Singh A4 3.0 TDI build thread

    Are you writing transmission maps with the possibility of selling the maps or purely personal use? Cheers
  13. youngy93

    DIY mechatronic replacement, hard?

    3 posts down sounds similar symptoms
  14. youngy93

    How do I cancel a key?

    If your in North East area may be worth giving Richard Marten Automotive Solutions Peterlee a ring, theyre a VAG specialist
  15. youngy93

    S4 - Timing Chain Renewal

    is this at a audi or specialist garage? Seems like a very unusual set of events
  16. youngy93

    Northern Performance Carbon Clean/Map

    anyone who resells that carbon cleaning as a viable cleaning solution id stay clear of, complete money making scheme. If your in the north east i recommend vag specialist, does propper walnut blasting and before and after dyno when remapping
  17. youngy93

    Remapped 1.8TFSI (120) still doesn't feel that quick

    +1 dyno, never bother with places that dont have one, also useful to make sure the engine is healthy before tuning
  18. youngy93

    Wheel Alignment in Newcastle, Recommendations Please?

    Richard martin automotive solutions peterlee has 4 wheel hunter alignment
  19. youngy93

    Assistance with MMI firmware/maps update - North East

    Im in peterlee and have carrista which enables that and dial sweep etc