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  1. glynmitch

    Best way to become a plumber/electrician?

    As the owner of a medium sized plumbing company.......:sign_plug: I've heard that the construction industry is really slowing down in England at the moment. The best advice I could give you is, if you have no ties i.e. family, then get yourself up here to NE Scotland and get a job. If you've...
  2. glynmitch

    Hi Everybody - Inverurie Scotland

    Hi Tonka, Small world mate. I live in Inverurie too. I've got a Dark grey/Black Q7 with 22" Khan's on. Can't miss it if your into your Audi's. I'll keep a look out for you in your Grey S3 :search:
  3. glynmitch

    I must admit I smirked a bit

    mmmmmmmmmmm, GSXR......................nice!! I am biased though :eyebrows:
  4. glynmitch

    Tuning my Q7

    I want to get a tuning box for my Q7 but need some advice. Obviously there is the switchable tuning box which is advertised on this site but I have found the one below on good old Ebay for a fraction of the cost. Is it a case of too good to be true or is it worth a go? It is a supplier in...
  5. glynmitch

    Scottish Q7 owner

    Hi all, I'm Glyn from Aberdeenshire. Been lurking for a wee while now and thought I should say hello. Had my 06 plate 3.0 TDi Q7 for about a month now and absolutly love it! After signing the paperwork for it I had a week to wait for collection so I promptly ordered a set of Khan RSC...