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  1. Buster

    what oils for diff & gearbox

    Gearbox oil needs to be 75w90 fully synthetic, I used the Motul stuff and you need 2.6 litres.
  2. Buster

    handbrake adjustment??

    To adjust the hand brake remove the rear ashtray and adjust with a 10mm spanner
  3. Buster

    Halfauds help

    Can't really go wrong sticking to megs products, AG SRP is also a good product as is AG UDS for darker coloured cars
  4. Buster

    Rolling Road + Scotland

    Wallace Performance in Bridge of Don have a 4WD RR, mainly dealing with Evo's etc but Russ is a crackin guy, also Japerformance out in Ellon have a 4WD RR
  5. Buster

    ARB and Ball Joint

    Uprated ARB with standard suspension will make a big difference, defo worth doing if they need replaced
  6. Buster

    ARB and Ball Joint

    Do the brakes yourself, the fronts will cost £100-£120 for the parts and the rears about £70. Get someone else to do the alignment, if it's alignment alone it should only be about £25 but if you need camber aswell it will be £45-£50. Get a local indy to do the ARB, bushes and the ball joint...
  7. Buster

    Whats everyones car history?

    Nova 1.3 SR Nova 1.6 GSI Pug 306 D Turbo Calibra 2.0 16v Golf MK3 2.0 8v GTI Golf MK4 GTI 1.8T BMW 328 CI Golf MK4 1.8T Anniversary BMW 328i Sport Now driving Audi S3 and a Corrado 2.0 16v Plus a few runners in between All that in 7 years and I'm 25
  8. Buster

    What are the best tires for the S3

    I'm running Eagle F1's. Very good tyre, preffer them to the Bridgestones that I had before
  9. Buster

    shotblasting and sparaying cost?

    Most places don't shot blast wheels now, they tend to be chemicaly dipped to strip the old paint off. The new coating will be as good if not better than OEM depending where you get them done and what coating you go for.
  10. Buster

    My clean car

    Top work, always satisfying to see good results makes all the effort worth while But T-Cut :ermm:
  11. Buster

    S3 Sidelight Bulbs

    I fitted LED's 5 months ago, no problems with flicker etc which is what a lot of people seem to complain about
  12. Buster

    how many miles for £20?

    Ain't got the foggiest, never only put £20 in always filled to the top
  13. Buster

    Finally got my A8 MONOBLOCKS on...

    Nice wheels, nice car but not together for me!
  14. Buster

    finally got myself an S3 :-)

    Yeah she looks good, nice combo of colour and wheels :thumbsup: But half a second slower than silver :p
  15. Buster

    S3 Gearbox Oil Capacity

    Remember it needs to be fully synthetic, I got some Motul stuff from and got a members discount for being a member on this forum:icon_thumright:
  16. Buster

    Zenon Light Problems

    Do a search mate, there are numerous threads covering this subject. I had the same problem a year ago and found a lot of info on here regarding the problem, mines were rectified after getting new leveling motors fitted.
  17. Buster

    S3 Gearbox Oil Capacity

    2.6 litre:icon_thumright:
  18. Buster

    condensed buyers guide

    Also check for rust along the drain gullies on the roof
  19. Buster

    Xenon headlights dipping

    I had this problem last year and was fixed by replacing the adjustment motors, I got it done under warranty but I think the motors are only about £40 each HTH
  20. Buster

    S3 Purchase, 9K, any advice?

    I would probably start around £8300 on a £9k purchase, so £500 less doesn't seem to unreasonable to me.