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  1. ph4tm4tts3

    Southwest meet - Weston-Super-Mare - 31st March

    I live in weston so what time 100% will u guys and girls be on sea front
  2. ph4tm4tts3

    My Car Mods Begin :)

    sorry for beening thick but what does ARBs mean or are?
  3. ph4tm4tts3

    need help and advice people!!!!!!!

    hello need some help as ive not long owned my audi s3 2.0tsfi quattro 2007(8p) i am still learn everyday about it i want a induction kit but what is the best one ive always had k&n but they dont list anything as such for my model any ideas people
  4. ph4tm4tts3

    Newbie from nr Weston super mare

    welcome im from weston too be nice to meet up at the meet at end of march
  5. ph4tm4tts3

    hello newbie ph4tm4tts3

    mine handles like a dream took a while of playing around with them but mine is full height and dampering pay thats little bit more and get a better product but they are stamped with geran build quality so thats good enough for me
  6. ph4tm4tts3

    Newbie alert

    welcome buddy good pics
  7. ph4tm4tts3

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    my s3 up cheddar gorge after a good clean
  8. ph4tm4tts3

    hello newbie ph4tm4tts3

    im running vmaxx coilovers and i did put tinting film on my light but just gave me poor visablity so ive taken it off
  9. ph4tm4tts3

    Southwest meet - Weston-Super-Mare - 31st March

    yep dont mess around on it like sonic hahaha
  10. ph4tm4tts3

    hello newbie ph4tm4tts3

    thank you very will do :)
  11. ph4tm4tts3

    Southwest meet - Weston-Super-Mare - 31st March

    i live in weston super mare perfect for me
  12. ph4tm4tts3

    hello newbie ph4tm4tts3

    here we go my car now fingers crossed its worked
  13. ph4tm4tts3

    hello newbie ph4tm4tts3

    Hello everyone, im new to the site found it on google and thought its about time i joined a forum :) hahah my name is matt and im from somerset i've always had fords before but i fancied a change and went for the 2007 audi s3 in blue the colour look awesome when clean and polish in the sun hmmm...