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  1. just017

    Fuel issues when parked nose up

    Mine will also have a noticeable difference overnight compared to parked nose down. Also if this is my issue, as the pump works fine, am I right in thinking that putting a non return valve along the line that goes form filter back to the tank should cure this? If so, what mm fuel lines does...
  2. just017

    Fuel issues when parked nose up

    Has anyone heard of a similar issue to this? When I park the car nose up and don't start the engine for a few days, i get a lumpy start, nose down it seems fine. Its like i have a vacuum leak somewhere and its allowing the fuel to run back to the tank. No leaks on the road anywhere so it can...
  3. just017

    Solid fly wheel for 2.0 tdi DSG (bkd engine)

    I believe there is only 1 flywheel available if you have DSG. Mine went last year and no flywheel specialists supply them, only Audi sell the replacement for the DSG.
  4. just017

    Re-installing injectors after new seals

    I'm going to be changing the seals on my injectors this weekend as i'm getting lumpy starts whenever the car is left for a few days, and also the garage who fitted the new cylinder head didn't change them. Can anyone give a few notes on the fitting procedure? I have the torque figures, but I...
  5. just017

    How to remove Seat Belt adjustment trim ( B Pillar)

    Can anyone post up how the interior B Pillar trim is removed? My driver side Seatbelt adjuster wont seem to move down and i want to find out why...without snapping anything. Regards
  6. just017

    A3 BKD Fuel pressure loss

    Oh sorry i forgot to mention...scanned and no faults found.
  7. just017

    A3 BKD Fuel pressure loss

    About a month ago the car had some major work done on it, new cylinder head, cam belt service, con rods, glow plugs and all relevant seals. The car was running fine, then 5 days ago it wouldn't start, it was cranking over, but not 'kicking in' so i thought it was a fuel issue. I had 3/4 tank and...
  8. just017

    Newest revision cylinder head

    I have a 2005 reg A3, the engine code is BKD and it had the DSG gearbox (incase that makes a difference). My problem is that all Audi garages and even the Audi Customer services only have record of a 'B' revision head as the newest. My car already had a 'B' on it, and if a C does exist, i'd...
  9. just017

    Hi Devon, sorry to message again, wasn't sure if my PM sent properly to you? Regards

    Hi Devon, sorry to message again, wasn't sure if my PM sent properly to you? Regards
  10. just017

    New RNS-e lasers

    Hi guys, I've been off the forum for a while, busy with work. However, i'm back and over the past 2 years have been supplying RNS-e lasers. I'm trying to get on top of demand now that they are easier to get hold of (after the Japan Tsunami they were like gold dust). If you still require a new...
  11. just017

    Brake bleeding - Where can there be air?

    I couldn't see a nipple on the MSC. Would the fact that's it's DSG mean maybe there is another slave cylinder for the clutch?
  12. just017

    Brake bleeding - Where can there be air?

    Recently my ABS pump went wrong, got a replacement off ebay and in terms of fault codes, it works, I decided to fully flush the brake system. So, all the fluid out, I then used a pressure bleeder and filled the system up again with fresh fluid, bled all 4 callipers (several times) but still the...
  13. just017

    RNS-e Laser replacement instructions

    Moderator: Could this be made a sticky? I Have made a picture tutorial on how to replace the Audi RNS-e laser as the previos document i found on the internet contained a lot of steps not necessary for replacing the laser as it was aimed at replacing the RNS-e motherboard RNS-e Laser...
  14. just017

    Replacement RNS-e lasers now available

    Another 5 available
  15. just017

    Replacement RNS-e lasers now available

    Just for those who need a replacement RNS-e laser I can now supply them and have put some on eBay Audi RNS-e Laser Unit Pickup Lasereinheit Lamborghini on eBay (end time 19-Mar-11 13:54:00 GMT)
  16. just017

    Noise from engine area?

    flywheel. Guarantee it. Mine went, here is a video i made at the time. Drove fine, just stuttered on idle until i touched the accelerator a tiny fraction would make it go. YouTube - Audi A3 TDi DSG Idle stutter / chatter
  17. just017

    Xenon retro-fit help...

    Oright how much do you rekon NHN for the Bi Xenons if you sell?
  18. just017

    Xenon retro-fit help...

    RS have you still got your Xenons for sale? Could someone post up a pic of the Bi Xenon lamps and also the Single Xenon lamps? Finally, sorry to be simple here, but what is the difference between Xenon and Bi Xenon? Regards
  19. just017

    Wiper motor, Does it need to be coded?

    My wipers stopped working out of the blue with no symptoms beforehand. I bought a new wiper motor of eBay last week and they still don't work.what else could it be. the washers work but no wipers
  20. just017

    Fitting new CV boot

    How long should it take and can i get away with not needing new wheel alignment afterwards? Any good A3 guides out there?