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  1. dellboy

    Boot opens when i start the car, any ideas?

    Yes, if I remember rightly give it a yank in various strategic places and it should unclip. Just be careful not to break the plastic. Hope that helps
  2. dellboy

    Window clips

    Does anybody know if the plastic window clips that are prone to breaking on the 8L (see picture) are the same for all 3 door models? As mine has a broken one I believe (window goes up half way then back down) and a seller on ebay has told me that 2003 is the change over year. Or could he just...
  3. dellboy

    S3 Seat/ seat subframe removal

    No worries, glad you got it sorted.
  4. dellboy

    S3 Seat/ seat subframe removal

    Sure did mate! There is a cord on a ratchet springy type thing, that is housed in plastic, the cord is under tension and helps when you want adjust the seat forwards or backwards. The end has like a plastic hook on it that hooks onto this metal piece... Sorry the explanation isn't so clear, it's...
  5. dellboy

    S3 Seat/ seat subframe removal

    Anyone know where this piece goes?! :unsure:
  6. dellboy

    S3 Seat/ seat subframe removal

    Managed to get it out now, thanks.
  7. dellboy

    S3 Seat/ seat subframe removal

    So my passenger seat has become a bit wobbly and i found today that a piece of black plastic that the seat runs on is to blame, as you can see from the photo its broken in half! It goes here; And here it is, still intact, on the other side of the same seat; Has anyone else replaced one...
  8. dellboy

    been offered a swap

    Difficult to say without knowing the spec/mileage/condition of both cars. I worked at a ford main dealer as a mechanic for 7 years and I will say the first generation focus is a fantastic car, and VERY reliable although I have no experience of one running a supercharger.
  9. dellboy

    16502 - Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (G62): Signal too High

    Thanks Dave, do you have a part number? Also where is it located?
  10. dellboy

    16502 - Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (G62): Signal too High

    hi guys, just did a VCDS scan on my 2003 S3 after my engine management light has been on and as title says i have the following code; 16502 - Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (G62): Signal too High I vaguely remember reading something about a revised coolant sensor which is intergrated as part of...
  11. dellboy

    Could running higher octane fuel put engine management light on?

    I have always run my S3 on super unleaded (97 RON) but last weekend i filled it up for the first time with shell v power which is 100 RON here in Switzerland. Anyway after about a third of the tank was used the engine management light came on. Is this just a coincidence or could it be related...
  12. dellboy

    Engine light came on, VAGcom question

    Car is standard btw and light came on while driving very slowly if that makes a difference, it still runs fine.
  13. dellboy

    Engine light came on, VAGcom question

    The engine management light came on yesterday on my S3. Just wondering how difficult VAGcom is to use and if it's worth me getting a cable. I an fairly competent with a laptop and have used ford FDS diagnostic software before. Also which is the best cable to buy, price wise? And is it only...
  14. dellboy

    Tyre question

    Ok, thanks for all your helpful comments guys, all changed over... unfortunately shes got 4 chinese ditchfinders on her now (fitted by previous owner)... hopefully they wont last too long so that i can get some decent rubber fitted! Also i noticed while i was in there ive got a split outer CV...
  15. dellboy

    Tyre question

    The time has finally come to get the winter wheels off my S3 and the summers on! :) I have 2 half worn and 2 new tyres on TT 18 inch wheels, which should I put where eg new on fronts or rear? Thanks.
  16. dellboy

    What's wrong with this picture?

    haha, some people.... There are some "proper" cars on this website; The Shed Of The Week competition always brings out some real gems!
  17. dellboy

    Think I've had enough now...

    Couldn't agree more, and I've only owned mine for 3 months!! I'll probably get slated for saying this but beginning to wish I bought something else. Don't get me wrong I love the car but hate the waiting for the next thing to go wrong feeling. Should have stuck with old school fords, more...
  18. dellboy

    my BAM S3 on its new shoes ( X5 wheels)

    looks lovely, really like it. :icon_thumright: Was thinking about doing my grill surround/audi emblem in a darker colour, but wasnt sure how it would look on an avus silver car, but that does look nice... better start looking for some paint! :yes:
  19. dellboy

    Hazard switch/flasher relay repair

    Quite easy to get out, i popped out the 2 plastic switch blanks either side of the ESP switch, put a finger in each then wiggled the piano black trim while VERY GENTLY levering at the edges with a small flat blade screwdriver, which i wrapped a cloth around to stop it marking anything, the trim...