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    tye 1.9 tdi can run 280 and 288 mm front disc you have to measure them to be sure
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    Electric Windows/Door Lock Problems

    my friends audi a4 b6 has a similier problem with windows and mirrors not working , i scanned the ecu and comes up with no communications with drivers door ecu which is the electric window motor. tried his motor in my car because it is the same part number and works perfectly , checked all...
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    bentley wheel fitment

    yeah would have to be coilovers fancied airbags but too much money . i know they will look big wished they were 19's honestly but beggers can't be choosers and they are free he he. have to check on offset when i'm back at work .
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    bentley wheel fitment

    yeah they are 20's wish they were 19's really not sure on the width and offset i will have to check , but they are on continental gt with 275 tyres which is a pretty standard tyre fitment on bentley's , the owner...
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    bentley wheel fitment

    hi there all i have a set of bentley 20" rims but not sure if they will fit my b6 avant, i believe the stud pattern is the same but not sure what tyre fittment would go on them ? has anyone done this to a b6 before ? your help would be appreciated scott:thumbsup:
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    What would get bent, top arms or main bearing housing?

    Hi there the two top alloy arms normally bend first but being honest it would be hard to tell by looking at them . so i would change the two top arms it's a cheaper option. :racer:
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    How many miles do you get out of you A4 1.9TDi??

    i've got an avant 1.9 tdi . i must admit my mpg is rubbish as i only work 3 miles from where i live so will averge between 450 -5oo miles on a tank . but had to go to manchester on a course the other day and managed 637 miles on a tank which is really good especially considering i had my foot...
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    ABS light on after wheel bearing replaced?

    i would go with aragorn if you read it with the sensor disconnected and it still comes back with the same fault then you must of damaged to wiring or the connector . make sure the pins arn't bent and then carefully cut back the outer case of the wiring and check the wiring for breaks . hope...
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    That'll teach me...

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    That'll teach me...

    i tell you what i've been so lucky with cameras i went through one on the a303 at 105 mph and never got a letter and and also got flashed out of the way by an unmarked police car while i was sat on the same stretch road at 94 mph probably pushing my luck at bit to far now he he ohh well
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    Rear ARB Info

    hi all i have none quattro a4 avant tdi would the rollbar fit mine as well or does it only fit the quattro version. cheers scott
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    Anyone tried dynolicious?

    i've got an i phone and it's a pain in the *** . personlly i would get the nokia n96 . but the i phone has some brillant applications . but i have downloaded motion x gps on to it and it will give you speed / distance / elapsed time / max speed
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    Suspension kit options.

    hi all my car was originally a tdi avant se , i have fitted eibach 60mm lowered spings and shocks i must admit its a bit rough on uneven roads but i do like it overall but hoping to get coilovers this year want to make it lower .
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    DeCat Yet Again!

    hi there ronniebiggs. its like this there are sensors before and after the cat so u have to remove the second sensor from the exhaust , keep it connected to the car but u have to cover the end over or the water from the road will destroy it this will stop the light from coming on . the biggest...
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    Avant tailgate interior light

    hi there the boot light on the avant is controlled by a ballbearing that runs up and down inside the tailgate strut . if you have a intermitant light then its probably this . i have the same problem on mine just hav'nt got round to sorting it . hope this helps .
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    DeCat Yet Again!

    hi all it is possible to do the decat but you need to remove the second lamba sensor the only way i've seen it done , was some one made up a little metal shroud to cover the sensors end and is attached to the bottom of the car and the hole in the exhaust is blocked up and this keeps the ecu...
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    B6 Avant rear washer problem

    Hi there Andymac i had the same problem a few months back , my rear wiper would go all the time and the washer would not work . i took the rear wiper motor out and dismantled it to find the water for the washer had been leaking into the motor and corroded all the inside , so ended up having to...
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    hi there flappytabs right two of the people i work with have audis with the multitronic box both have had the same problem one on a a6 one on a a4 . the result was new gearbox ecu . the ecu is about a £1000 but both were replaced under warranty due to it being a electrical ecu problem even...
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    18" alloys vs 19" alloys

    it's easy enough . the worst bit is freeing them up because they are normally seized . and if you get it wrong u just need a geo check done . the bolts to adjust the the rear camber are right at the top of the hub behind the wheel, these are bolts with oval cams in them so as you turn the bolt...