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  1. hamski

    £1028.12 for some replacement discs and pads :-(

    I had the same brakes on my S3 a coupleof years ago. When i needed replacements, I did some research and found that the Movits were exact copies of certain 993 discs and pads which were a fraction of the cost. Sorry i can't remember which model or part nos.
  2. hamski

    S3 wanted

    Hi - been away for too long, but looking to get back in another S3 - would like a facelift one that has had some mods done, ideally suspension and brakes. Alcantara interior a must. Big turbo conversion would be great, like my old one. Prefer black, silver or nogaro. I did see a silver one with...
  3. hamski

    QST S3 RS4 conversion

    Amazing bit of kit
  4. hamski

    Clutch Replacement On S3

    Mine cost £350 labour for clutch and flywheel :(
  5. hamski

    Paintshop South-West

    Having been trying to sell my car for a while with no luck, I'm thinking of getting the front painted. The laquer has chipped and water has lifted the surrounding areas. Does anyone know of a decent paintshop around the south-west?
  6. hamski

    Ebay Number Plate

    Ah go on! That would look the nuts!!
  7. hamski

    Buying used S3's with MTM conversions etc?

    I made the conscious decision to buy a modded one. I'd had a standard S3 before and always felt that I wanted a bit more. I'd either have settled for a remap (which I would have had done myself) or a conversion. I'm picking up an RS4 today and still have doubts about selling the S3.
  8. hamski

    Buying used S3's with MTM conversions etc?

    The conversion on mine, which was done prior to me buying it, cost the guy in excess of £12k. I understand why people can be put off, but I would also take into account the fact that if you've got that kind of money available, you're more likely to be able to keep the car regularly serviced...
  9. hamski

    Do you Smoke?

    Struggling now :(
  10. hamski

    Do you Smoke?

    Lol :) I actually gave up about three hours ago. Just finished Allen Carr's 'Easyway to stop smoking'. It's all about looking at stopping as a od thing as opposed to 'givng up'
  11. hamski

    Rear Bumper

    Not changing it, but I need to refit it. The sides have popped out and I assume come off a guide?
  12. hamski

    Rear Bumper

    Hi. I have done a search and can't see if this is already on here, but can someone tell me how I remove the rear bumper from my S3? Thanks
  13. hamski

    Chasing Cars

    Ok. They're sh*t. is that OK?
  14. hamski

    new member from bristol

    Hello mate. I'm in LA (Long Ashton), but I've been entrusting mine to Simon at Performance Driven in Taunton. Bit of a trek and he's got no courtesy car, but I can't fault them
  15. hamski

    MKV Golf GTi

    Cool. I bought one a month ago. Easier to drive than the S3 and probably as quick on a dry, twisty road. Traction in the wet is crap, and yes, it rattles like a new car doesn't have the right to. So I'm selling
  16. hamski

    FAO MArkA3130 and all. An appology!

    Fair play to you Simch.
  17. hamski

    Slippy slippy clutch..

    Mine has an MTM paddle clutch, which went before Christmas. I use Performance Driven in Taunton, who have put a new clutch plate in (£200) and it also needed a new flywheel (£300), plus labour. Ouch!
  18. hamski

    anyone know where to get s3 / rs3 badges from?

    If you really want one..... I bought one a couple of years ago. You can have it for nowt, as I had a reality check, probably because of some of the guys on here. Each to their own however. PM me with your address and I'll get it to you. You'll have to pay postage of course
  19. hamski

    Chrome Mirrors Facelift Group buy

    Don't mean to hijack, but if anyone is left with Noggy blue mirrors that they don't need, I would be keen to buy them. Thanks
  20. hamski

    Where and how did you buy your Audi

    Croft Motors in Uxbridge. P/ex'd a BM 328i plus cash