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  1. chris a4 128

    New fuel pump

    Hi guys, just paid £240 for a new fuel pump. Cost included parts and labour. Does this sound about right? My car is 2004 A4 1.8T
  2. chris a4 128

    Steering pulling to the left

    Hi people, can any advise me on my steering? Its pulling to the left, quite severe under breaking. Is this something i could do myself or do i need to take it somewhere. Many thanks
  3. chris a4 128

    Audi A4 Cabriolet 1.8T Advice

    my standard 1.8t 190 s-line does around 20-22mpg on local runs on motorways i get 30-32mpg depending on my mood or how heavey my foot wants to be., but trust me its nice and quick enough. had 135mph on the motorway the other day and there was loads left in it, just got parra about going under...
  4. chris a4 128


    hello s3-chris. not a bad looking a4 you got there mate. mods? the list is endless. try find a limit with how far you want to go or you could get consumed with it. i like the wheels tho mate.
  5. chris a4 128


    thanks for the info on that one 1wheel. ill give them a bell.
  6. chris a4 128


    andyccr, it has just gone past 4yrs.
  7. chris a4 128


    1wheelonly it has just over 54k on clock
  8. chris a4 128


    Hi guys, My 1.8t is saying it is ready for service. What type of service would this be? What parts would need replacing? If any? Would you also bother with getting dump valves?
  9. chris a4 128

    interior roof lining

    hi people is taking the roof lining down a difficult job? need to fit my new aerial with a nut inside the lining.
  10. chris a4 128

    double din upgrade

    right i have found a a4 b6 cab climate control unit on ebay for £100. will this fit my saloon a4?
  11. chris a4 128

    double din upgrade

    thanks nickynibbles for the heads up on that climate unit if it had heated seat function it would have been perfect.
  12. chris a4 128

    double din upgrade

    its not a audi satnav cocain, its just one i got off ebay with built in tv. i have measured it and it will need a plate of some sort round the edge as it is a little smaller than the audi rns-e. my a4 has heated seats too so the one someone linked me from ebay wont suffice, but thanks for the...
  13. chris a4 128

    double din upgrade

    Hi guys. Just got a 6.5" lcd double din screen for my dash. i currentley have a single din concert stereo and heard a vicious whisper that i would need to get a different climate control unit than the one i have with the single din unit. bought a new double din housing unit from vagparts to take...
  14. chris a4 128

    handbrake tension

    :hi::redrs4:i used to have a golf and there was a little bolt behind handbrake when you took out the rear ashtray. you would tighten that to sort the handbrake tension. cant seem to find an obvious bolt for tightening the handbrake. anybody got any ideas?
  15. chris a4 128

    loose handbrake

    hi, can anyone tell me how you go about tightening the handbrake?
  16. chris a4 128

    swivel cig lighter

    can anyone tell me where i can get one of those swivel cig lighters from. one in my tdi but not in 04 1.8t s-line.
  17. chris a4 128

    audi shark fin antenna

    right ok. thanks. does anyone know which aeriel is used for tv on the rns-e?
  18. chris a4 128

    audi shark fin antenna

    hi people, can anyone tell me whether the gps fins can be used as a tv aeriel? i have a 6.5in screen with a built in tv tuner but all the tv aeriels i have looked at are ****** crap or way too big to hide anywhere. what tv aeriels are used with the rns-e? and where can i get one? help would be...
  19. chris a4 128

    a4 stubby fin aerial

    hi guys. does anyone know where i can get one of those stubby little fin aerial from? can these be modded for tv aerial?
  20. chris a4 128

    fitting double din symphony to single din concert

    i have recentley ordered the symphony 2 stereo and aim to fit it where myy concert stereo is. i have also got a double din radio housing and cage. is this all i will need? i know iam going to have to cut at some point to lower the climate control down towards the ashtray. does anyone have any...