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  1. Bandicoot51

    Have you ever spotted/seen exactly the same A3/S3 as your own...??

    Yep I did in Cornwall, same grill and everything, we exchanged an excitable yet polite thumbs up
  2. Bandicoot51

    Wax recommendations
  3. Bandicoot51

    Android with MMI Cable

    (Galaxy) S3 & S7
  4. Bandicoot51

    Android with MMI Cable

    I wonder this too.. havnt been able to make it play through mmi on S3 or now on my S7
  5. Bandicoot51

    Cleaning interior

    I generally spray it onto a waffle weave microfibre no worries
  6. Bandicoot51

    Cleaning interior

    I use glasses cleaner i picked up from specsavers, £2 maximum, clears any grease spots and is delicate on the plastic, no residue either obviously otherwise i wouldnt be able to see!
  7. Bandicoot51

    HELP!!!!! Central locking not working.

    Ah my fuel cover flap got stuck, the emergency rip cord just came off in my hand aswell! Got a new 'actuator' fitted quickly for 100. Still crossing my fingers every time I pull up to the pump tho hah!
  8. Bandicoot51

    Fuel cover locked / stuck

    Oh yeh I should have searched central locking issues, cheers for the link
  9. Bandicoot51

    Fuel cover locked / stuck

    My fuel cover is locked shut! I've tried numerous unlock combinations on the key fob and the emergency release! Getting close to no fuel in my diesel now too
  10. Bandicoot51

    R8 Plus as a courtesy car!

    I always cheekily ask if an r8 is available for a courtesy car when my A3 goes in for a check up. The ladies always force a laugh when i say it like theyve heard the joke a million times before... Still waiting to be taken seriously!
  11. Bandicoot51

    Engine noise help

    I've got the same thing happening to mine, ive asked them to have a look at it next week, shall I update you on what they say?
  12. Bandicoot51

    Front grille

    This is an option
  13. Bandicoot51

    Post your dirty pics!!!!!

    Apparently they were trying to spell diesel but decided to get creative...
  14. Bandicoot51

    Standard Sound System Fault

    I had the same problem with distortion on all media, audi took it in to check it and a few days later they said they had replaced the mmi, no problems since then
  15. Bandicoot51

    Wheels and suspension setup

    Cor looks great, what wax or sealant do you use??
  16. Bandicoot51

    New car detail

    Is this the Gtechniq product you mentioned?
  17. Bandicoot51

    Headlight washer disable

    I don't feel lucky
  18. Bandicoot51

    Gotta love Audi and their courtesy cars!!

    That's a shame Blue moon!
  19. Bandicoot51

    Gotta love Audi and their courtesy cars!!

    Worth a try I thought