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    Audi s3 remap question

    Thanks for the reply guys, Is there a massive noticable difference between stage 1 and stage 2? Or isit more towards top end you notice Sorry new to all of this
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    alloy wheel fitment

    Just wondering if anybody could help me Wondering if 19" 8.5j ET43 wheels would stick out of the arch on 2009 Audi s3 sportback
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    Audi s3 remap question

    Hi new to the audi forum, i have a 2009 audi s3 with a cat back NON res milltek, looking at remaping it but wondering if i would see better figures if i added a induction kit before a remap, or would it just be almost the same as remaping a stock s3 Thanks
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    s3 remap question

    Looking to get my Audi s3 8p s tronic remapped on a stage 1 shark map, wondering if would see better figures using a NON res milltek cat back system or would it be similiar to standard exhaust Cheers