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  1. Vex182

    R32 ARB Advice

    I used super pro bushes and original clamps. I only have the rear fitted and found it just stiffened the ride up. I do run 2 year old OEM springs and shocks though.
  2. Vex182

    Found the one. 2003 Ming blue S3

    It looks a lot like mine
  3. Vex182

    Tempest RS - B5 S4 Widebody “Stingray”

    Awesome, love seeing this
  4. Vex182

    Oil underneath throttle body..

    Welcome. Well, oil in the PCV system does end up in the intake so can make its way into the throttle body. It’s a good idea to remove it and clean it all down, it may help your idle. Compression test numbers are good. Worn fuel pump is very common on these old cars now and hearing it prime does...
  5. Vex182

    My ming blue S3

    I came across a photo on Instagram of a stereo with the later style knobs on it but was unable to get more details on how it was done as the owner would not reply to my messages. I traced it back to the later models with power button in the centre lower console. (PN: 4F0919070]. I had to trim...
  6. Vex182

    My ming blue S3

    Thanks, just Autoglym super resin polish.
  7. Vex182

    S3 8L suspension knocking.. again..

    Remove both drop links and go for a spin and see if it is still there.
  8. Vex182

    Billet injector cups for APY

    I like the look of these!
  9. Vex182

    My ming blue S3

    Yeh the downpipe is done a jig and then he added the cat which I asked for and adjusted it for the system on my car for me. They will custom the system for the pipe size you have, the miltek is smaller than 3”. For me, it was a 210 mile round trip. It’s not been through a MOT yet, it is due in 7...
  10. Vex182

    My ming blue S3

    I got it from eBay but the seller has none at the minute as I was going to buy another one. AwesomeGTI is about the cheapest I think now for the kit inc. the new plug and washer.
  11. Vex182

    My ming blue S3

    Well, its been 6 months since I updated this. I’ve done a few other jobs on the S3 since then. I decided to take the plunge and buy a Milltek exhaust new when I was on holiday, non res system so that was waiting for me when I got back from Vietnam at the start of the year. The standard system...
  12. Vex182

    Exhaust bypass valve

    I have to admit, after a few beers last night, that ECS bypass did look good!
  13. Vex182

    Lcr brembo pad choice

    I agree, I have M114s all round and the fronts made a big different on the Brembo brakes, they are very good.
  14. Vex182

    Rear window blind

    I have a blind in mine
  15. Vex182

    3 years 30,000 miles 3 new batteries

    I get a steady 14.2v normal driving on the ColorMFA.
  16. Vex182

    Auto lights + home coming/leaving function.

    Did you ever get this sorted?
  17. Vex182

    My s3 v6 build

    I have a storm force cover on mine and it’s been brilliant. Great fit and stays on in this wind.
  18. Vex182

    Rear brakes upgrade

    I fitted Mintex M1144 which I also have at the front in my LCR brakes. I have dimpled and grooved rear brakes as seen here: As above, the rears don’t do much though, I just wanted them to match the front setup. As Paul says...
  19. Vex182

    Rear control arms

    Double check the length of them if it’s a facelift TT, I think around 2003 they change very very slightly. Both my S3s have been different, my 2002 model had the same length top and bottom but my 2003 now has different lengths very slightly, I think this is to do with the “quattro GNBH” setup...