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  1. VeeDub Geezer

    What a day... Emissions?

    Lambda probes are prone to go after around 60k they are classed as a service item
  2. VeeDub Geezer

    Any S3 owners replaced a bulb in the instrument cluster?

    might be better asking the 8P lot mate :)
  3. VeeDub Geezer

    Goldfish Bowl Mod

    Dont tell Jamie at Charisma!! Thats all we'll see in Pimp My Ride 3 UK!!
  4. VeeDub Geezer


    congrats mate! will be a while till my A3 is ready :(
  5. VeeDub Geezer

    R32 wheels

    ill offer £20 and a half eaten bag of Nobbies Nuts (smokey bacon)
  6. VeeDub Geezer

    audi RS3 how much power will it have if its made?

    i hate to be a geek but surely that should be 'bahn-storming ? :unsure: dont remember ever seeing an RS4 stom through a farmers barn :p
  7. VeeDub Geezer

    AAAAh, I'm torn on what to get

    id probably go for the TDi and remap it tbh.. ive driven a 150bhp VW Bora with a remap and the torque was immense!
  8. VeeDub Geezer

    R32 Brake setup

    maybe its something to do with the quattro??
  9. VeeDub Geezer

    Aeros wiper (yes again)

    2003 onwards Golf and Boras had them, but the Leons (even the Cupra R's believe it or not!) didnt! dont know about facelift model A3's
  10. VeeDub Geezer

    R32 Brake setup

    the fitments on a few are different as we had a full set of Brembos of and Evo on eBay a while back and compared them to mk4 golf fitment calipers (as my mate with the R32T was interested.. lol)
  11. VeeDub Geezer

    Falken FK452 on S3?

    i had Toyo Proxies on my 20v coupe and ate the front set in 1500miles... i have a heavy right foot and with a 5 cylinder and auto box it wasnt a light car.. lol
  12. VeeDub Geezer

    what does this symbol mean?

    always match the Bosch number...
  13. VeeDub Geezer

    Black S3 - What Colour RS4's

    them with black centres and the polished lips would look great
  14. VeeDub Geezer

    R32 Brake setup

    a guy i work with has an R32 with over 400bhp (single turbo by VagTech) and finds the brakes not enough so id say go for the Leon CupraR if you can (the lucky ******* also has one of these and says the brakes are "amazing")
  15. VeeDub Geezer

    tyre pressure

    low profile tire pressures are a funny one TBH we run 34psi on the front and 36psi on the back of my g/fs '92 Corrado running 7x16's on 195/45 16's we find this a happy medium..
  16. VeeDub Geezer

    k03s / Sport Turbo

    does the K03s make a big difference? is it as hard to fit (i.e needing a huge amount of new bits) as a K04? is it just the 180bhp models that got it?
  17. VeeDub Geezer

    Service due!

  18. VeeDub Geezer

    S3 New Style TT Alloys

    they are the wheels i was thinking of fitting to my A3 (if i get it) when i change the wheels next year.. be interested to see how they look