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  1. woking rob

    G25-550 on BAM - spool tastic

    Very nice bill, it was me who phoned u the other day, this is the sort of spec I would want
  2. woking rob

    I’m back

    hello everyone I had a s3 a few years ago I was collecting parts to tune it up but needed a van so had to sell it. I’m picking a new one up at some point this week. I’m going to look at a mild tune for now, y I get it all how I want them I’m going to go for a big turbo build this time not a...
  3. woking rob

    Post pics of your A3/S3
  4. woking rob


    cool so does the standard headunit have a rest button?
  5. woking rob


    sorry yeah its standard, and to b honest i wouldnt no how to get it out haha
  6. woking rob


    anyone got any ideas? my exhaust drone is starting to really annoy me :music:
  7. woking rob


    Yeah, should i try taking of my battery off to rest something maybe.
  8. woking rob


    No it doesnt :(
  9. woking rob


    Ok my car has been sitting a while and the battery went dead, iv got it up and running but now the radio wont work :s everything else does tho and i cant see a blown fuse....... Any ideas? Thank u rob
  10. woking rob

    just a thought

    thank u for the info i was just having ideas floating around and thought coz its the same car in some respects it would b fairly cheap (apart from the turbo) and it was more for the not so many around but i will keep thinking of ideas
  11. woking rob

    just a thought

    ok I'm just having some thoughts....... it might b silly or impossible but just an idea floating around in my head it all starts with how hard is a golf r32 conversion to do? then a turbo/twin turbo conversion? is this worth doing? is there any other bigger power conversions? any inputs...
  12. woking rob

    R32 rear anti roll bar

    Hey just a quick question iv got a r32 anti roll bar coming, what else is needed to fit? R32 bushes? What drop links will I need? Thank u rob :)
  13. woking rob

    Will this fit my s3

    Thanks m8 got it from euro car parts for £20+ vat :)
  14. woking rob

    Will this fit my s3;PdsSession=0283054b1370a47a194644a6ffeb1970?itemId=380369877361&cmd=VIDESC Thank u :)
  15. woking rob

    Hybrid turbocharger k04 build

    i need to pull my finger out and get mine fitted so i can give u some more feed back but this is a good wright up, top work :thumbsup:
  16. woking rob

    Coil packs

    Mine are just starting to play around so here 3 quick questions, How much r standard ones gonna let me? How much will it cost for the tfsi full conversion cost? What plugs r best to get for each one? Thank u rob :) its a bam engine
  17. woking rob

    1.8L T vs. S3

    does it even get traction in the dry? mines judt got a dcat and chip and cone filter and when i took it for a drive with the haldex fuse out it just lights up the wheels as soon as boost comes on even in 3rd........................and in 4wd i can pull off at 5k rpm with not much wheel spin
  18. woking rob

    What are theses ?!?

    Yh but for some unknown reason it has a bam engine in it with a apy ecu, will have a look in the light tomorrow, where a outs r they located?
  19. woking rob

    What are theses ?!?

    Its two plugs what arnt plugged in, they are hanging down at the front of the engine bay roughly to the Center of the car, there is 2 thank u rob
  20. woking rob

    received my new turbo

    He is a top bloke, he is who I got my k04 hybrid off :) I'm just collecting parts at the mo, but things keep going wrong do it's slowing it all down :(