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  1. hharry100

    Roof liner sagging

    Having a similar issue just started recently with the heat wave we recently had, What was the cost to have it done ? is there anyone who has DIY'd it?
  2. hharry100

    VAG-COM Error - Audi S3 8L

    Similar issues as I'm having with my Lambda sensor replaced lambda sensor but am still getting fault codes for lambda B1S1
  3. hharry100

    Valve cover Gasket/ cam chain tensioner Gasket leak

    Hi , just to update managed to fit the valve cover gasket without issue, i managed release the tension in the chain using the cam chain tensioner tool without too much bother but i did slightly over tighten it and saw cracks apear on the platic tool but it held out while I completed the job...
  4. hharry100

    Window Regulator Clips

    Bought the clips from the dealers last year when my original clips gave way on the passenger side, drivers side still going strong on the originals
  5. hharry100

    Valve cover Gasket/ cam chain tensioner Gasket leak

    The easiest option for me is to order a cheap/used unit and and remove the mesh and then try to insert it into my tensioner through the 15mm gap that I removed the cam chain tensioner gasket through...wish me luck
  6. hharry100

    Valve cover Gasket/ cam chain tensioner Gasket leak

    I Certainly didn't plan on having to completely remove the cam chain tensioner, so if its possible to insert a new mesh filter without complete removal I may try that. I am also considering leaving the tensioner as is and just replace the gaskets and half moon piece, not sure how long the filter...
  7. hharry100

    Valve cover Gasket/ cam chain tensioner Gasket leak

    Thanks MPH I managed to get some elring Dirko HT from GSF today and got back to removing the cam chain tensioner gasket, only to find a small mesh filter had been pulled out with the gasket, looks like I'm in the same situation as you.... is the only plan of action a complete replacement or is...
  8. hharry100

    Valve cover Gasket/ cam chain tensioner Gasket leak

    cheers mate, I need it asap as the cars off the road, been looking at the loctite gasket sealant but it confusing as they have a lot of sealants available I believe It Loctite 5926, which is available via amazon prime. don't fancy having to spend £43 as you only need 8 pea sized dabs of it on...
  9. hharry100

    Valve cover Gasket/ cam chain tensioner Gasket leak

    Hi, just want to thank everyone on Audisport s3/8L for the years of help if received while owning my S3, Im finally being forced to change my Valve cover gasket and cam chain cover Gasket which have a very slow leak for years, The reason I am finally replacing them is last week I started getting...
  10. hharry100

    TPS account

    TPS are being very tight with trade only buisness, there was a time when they would serve everyone but since have locked it down so the general public have to go to main dealers for there genuine parts. sorry but i dont have an account
  11. hharry100

    Hottest Day ... and air con on the Blink

    have a look at the large fuses in the engine bay mine had corroded badly cleaned them off my scratching them up to make a better contact and the a/c came back to life.
  12. hharry100

    Missfire S3 8L

    Possible injector failure had one go on me but for 2 injectors to go together would be strange, could try move the injector and see if the misfire follows by logging it on vcds.
  13. hharry100

    8L MFSW Conversion

    Great Write up, think its time I change from my 8p MFSW which keeps giving me a airbag warning light once the temperature drops below 10c.
  14. hharry100

    Compression Test

    Had an injector go on me once, which also gave hesitation and misfire in one cylinder, worth swapping injectors to see if fault moves to another cylinder.
  15. hharry100

    8L Bi Xenon group buy (Round 2)

    Im intrested in a fresh set of uprated headlights will be glad to get rid of my old faded units, would also be intrested in a uv protection to stop any future fading/yellowing hharry100
  16. hharry100

    Power Folding Mirrors Guide

    Amazing work, Best detailed diy guide ive seen
  17. hharry100

    S4 Rear 300mm Conversion Kit Completed

    Any one know if s3 paul is still about on audi-sport? Im after a 300mm rear brake kit Or is there anyone else who could supply me with what i need?
  18. hharry100

    S3 rear brake upgrade

    May go the larger rear caliper piston route if there no easy and cost effective way to have larger rear discs and spacer for the original rear caliper. What are the part numbers for the A6 4.2l V8 rear calpers and are they easy to find?
  19. hharry100

    S3 8L - Electric Power Fold Mirrors Retrofit Kit DIY

    +1 Aluminium housing great work was'nt interested in folding mirrors at first but seeing them in action i know i need this mod :thumbs up:
  20. hharry100

    S3 8l hid headlamps and led main beams ?

    I believe @t8ups was going to run another group buy for the uprated headlights he manufactured.